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Jan 31, 2005
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What can happen to a plant of it is given too much fertilizer. I've had three harvest now, and with each one i'm learning from my mistakes. With this last one I'm not sure what happen. First during the first three weeks into flowering the leave turned yellow. I thought nitro defiecant. Then we're in week five and they're just loooking like crap. Week six and i had to cut one down because all of it fan leaves had fallen off. I thought i gave the right amount of ferts, I guess I was wrong. When working with bat guano what's the dosage your suppose to give. I have Mexican guano for vegging, npk value of 10-2-1, and Indonesian for flowering. It says how much to add to a certain amount of soil but I don't like to go by that mesurement. if someone has used them before (or now) it would help a great amount. I'm also using Alaska Morbloom and Rainbow Mix Bloom. The Indonesian guano has a npk value of .5-12-.2, the Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 and the Rainbow Mix Bloom 1-9-2. I'm not sure how much to add. Please help Super Ganja Grower.
Tallslim it's normal for the fan leaves to yellow and fall off in late flowering. I have Alaska Morbloom 0-10-10 but never used it. I would only use it if the plant needs alot of (P). What kinda medium you have? Does your soil have enough secondary nutrients and micronutrients?
I'm using Premier Pro-mix which has sphagnum peat moss,perlite,vermiculite,limestone,and a wetting agent. I'm also using a earthworm casting soil additive. the Rainbow Mix has beneficial mycorrhizaes.
hey too tall . my personal opinion is you in too deep with bat guano lol . that is the strongest known form of natural nitrogen known . hell if you put horse manure on or around tomato plants within 3 months of planting it probably will burn the seeds up .and it is not near as potent as bat shit . i need to ask a few questions today myself .hope you stay away from that shit lol . good luck dude .
I have to agree with skunk. I used bat guano with high (N) when my plants were in vegg and as you can see in the picture what started happening to my plants. They require 2tablespoons on the bag, I gave them 1 teaspoon and I guess my plants still couldn't handle it, if the problem was a nutrient, which I was told it was. :mad:
I thought guanos were the best thing for maryJ. well I deceded to stop using guanos anyway. I did research and found some Ra-pid Gro fert., very easy to use 23-19-17 with all the micro nuts., boron,copper,iron,manganese,zinc. i'll keep you guys posted. thanks.
tall'nall...mj reuires an abundance of magnesium, of which I don't believe miracle grow nor rapid grow contain. Both also contain high concentrations of "urea" as a nitrogen source. Urea is very slow breaking down into usefull N. it will also knock hell outta' your ph. I'd ckeck the ph of your solution once mixed.

Adding a good amount of lime(1-2 tblsp. p/gal.) to your medium, before plnting, will aid in buffering that ph AND provides magnesium.

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