I'M BACK! Help me decide what to germinate!

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Jan 11, 2011
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I'M BACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :woohoo: :lama: :yay: :dancing:

So recently I had a total tear-down situation at my place due to a relative staying with me for a while and now I am ready to get started again. It sucked. I had been growing for over 3 years straight without any stops and you guys/gals would not believe how much I missed tending to the ladies. I felt like my favorite hobby had been taken away from me because...well...it is my favorite hobby.

Anyway as of today I am back and I am trying to decide what beans in my small collection I am going to germinate. I have made up my mind on most of them but figured I would let you guys help me pick the last remaining strain to germinate. I am going to germinate 6 strains, 17-18 seeds total depending on the last strain. Most of the strains I have are freebies from the last Attitude promo and I only have one or two beans so I might not end up growing out all 6 strains if some seeds do not make it.

1) Soma Seed's NYC Diesel (non-feminized) again. This is my second attempt with this strain. I am germinating 6 beans. On the first go-around I ended up with two females that were very different phenos. One went hermie on me and was harvested early. But the smoke was still great so I want to try again.

2) I bred a female NYC Diesel with a male L.A. Ultra by Resin Seeds and harvested the seeds last cycle. I am germinating 6 of them. This is my second attempt at crossing.

3) I am germinating 1 DINAFEM "Blue Hash" (feminized). It is supposed to be a feminized version of Blueberry (x) California Hash Plant.

4) I am germinating 1 TH Seeds "Burmese Kush" (feminized). This strain is a cross between Burmese Kush (x) O.G. Kush.

5) I am germinating 2 TH Seeds "Darkstar" (non-feminized). This strain is a cross between Purple Kush (x) Mazar.

6) And for the last strain I can't make up my mind, nothing really stands out to me so help me pick. No voting or anything, just whoever makes a good point about a strain that perks my interest.
1) 1 fem- DINAFEM "Diesel" (Mexican Sativa (x) Afghani)
2) 1 fem- DINAFEM "White Widow" (Haze (x) Skunk (x) Northern Lights)
3) 2 reg- TH Seeds "Heavy Duty Fruity" (Big Bud (x) Afghan/Skunk)
4) 1 fem- TH Seeds "S.A.G.E." (Afghani (x) Unknown Haze)
5) 1 fem- TH Seeds "Kushage" (S.A.G.E. (x) OG Kush)


Hey Sensi, welcome back! I say go with Kushage. What does s.a.g.e stand for? It has the og in it, that is why. Plus the name is cool.

Heeeeees baaaaaaaaaack.
Welcome back SSF wondering what happened to you.... Para mi.. I would go with the WW no reason.. just like the haze. skunk. NL breeding.. Good luck,, cant what to see your next grow journel.. Hero
welcome back sensi.
I'd role with the Heavy duty fruity, the name is catchy. :)
Welcome back SSF, I was wondering where you and Fruity had gone!

I have a few of those strains going just now. I had to kill the 2 Darkstar I had for being boys, sickener since one was the best plant I had grown.
The Heavy Duty Fruity I have is a bit disappointing, not what I would call "heavy" at all.
S.A.G.E. is meant to be one of the best strains in the world! I did have one growing but killed it :( It is the only freeby from the Tude I will actually buy.

I would suggest the Kushage (it is going to go in the next time I germ some seeds) and the White Widow (another I have on the go just now). That should give you a nice balance of long flowering Kush's and shorter flowering Indi's. Of course, you could go the other way and throw all the 13 weekers in together but I thought you would be desperate to see some brown hairs and amber trichs after your little "holiday".

Welcome back fella. W
Welcome back bro.....FYI keep an eye on that Dinafem Blue Hash....I popped one a while back that was a Tude freebie and it was straight up male...so much for the fem in Dinafem...lol

I wld go with the fruity one as well...one because it is not fem and two because it has afghan/skunk in it.
Welcome back.

Wow, that is quite a line-up. You have room for 17-18 plants?
Welcome back SSF.

I will post a pic of my HD Fruity when lights are on in about 30 mins, she is 24 days in flower, nothing spectacular but a nice plant, she stayed super short in veg for some reason but stood up a bit in flower.

if you have anymore of those Tude freebie seeds left let me know, i am growing a few right now.
HDF 24 days of 12/12.


Rosebud, SAGE means "Sativa Afghani Genetic Equilibrium™

THG, yea I have room to veg and flower that many if I am lucky enough to have them all germinate plus room to take clones before flower. Since I am having to start over this grow is going to be a pheno hunt. I am hoping to find 1-3 good females to build a new stable.

Thanks for the advice all, I think I am going to go with the Kushage. I don't like longer flowering strains but if it is worth it who cares. I will get a journal started soon.

:holysheep: Does the equilibrium mean equal amount of Sativa and Afghani?
I am glad you are growing that one. I will be tuned.
Only because i picked up some freebies of them and would like to compare as i grow, i say go with either Dinafem WW or the SAGE :D sorry i can't really come up with a valid reason , i figure it's better to stay shut than give bad info, ya know? :bongin:

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