Im new and I have no idea what to

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Apr 4, 2005
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I am new to growing indoors and I have only seen one indoor setup that has worked before and it was a few plants in small pots, inside a ice chest that was covered w/ cling wrap and under shop lights, and it was working well. I want to start and i have some seeds i have saved over time and want to try it out. I was thinking of building a box to grow them in and I have no idea where to start all the internet sites I have looked make it seem very complicated but i have seen a very inexpensive set up work and I was wondering where i need to start. Basically i am asking or a good step by step way of doing this and I am turning to all of yall for some help. any information you could give will help greatly. thanks
Hello! Go over & introduce yourself!

For your questions:

First of all, how much space do you have to grow in? Must they be stealth or out in the open? Thanks.
welcome, Goldie asked the right question, we need measurments. How do you want to grow: soil, hydro, coco, mapito, denish bottom?

okay i have a cooler with the dimensions 16.5 inches X 8.5 inches. I was thinking of using this to grow and build a box to go over top that I could hang lights on. My reason for using the cooler is that everything I read about indoor growing says to have the side of a box either painted white or use tin foil to maxamize the lighting. I want to try to grow in soil first and then if i can do well w/ that i would like to try to expand my horizons. Currently I do not have a ton of space to work with but i am am very interested in growing and if i need more room i will make it somehow, for the most part it will probably be grown in my cloest. I am not trying to set up a business with this by any means i am doing this for a hobby and only for my own supply so I am not looking to grown a ton of plants so if yall could give me a good idea about how much space i need for say 4-6 plants (hopefully i can grow that many). I want to grow indoors so that nobody who lives around me will be suspicious. The seeds that i have right now are just left over from old bags that I bought months ago. I would like to try to get these to work first before i go buying any b/c i will be honest ordering seeds through the mail concerns me a little but if any of you have tried it and there have been no major problems (police) i would definately consider going the mail order route.I guess thats it for right now, I would like to know about building a grow box of some sort and i am open to all ideas, as well as a good plan of action about planting and growing. Thanks again and look foward to hearing from all of yall.
I think you would do better to go find a large, sturdy box to grow in. I don`t think you will be able to manage with something that small.
dude just act like they are regular plants and everything will go fine thats how i started dont try anything special your first time growing it will all end up in disaster just act like they are any other plants
For 4-6 plants, I would recomend using the entire closet. The more room the better. If you have the space, use it. Your plants will love you for it

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