Indoor/Outdoor Question.

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Jan 16, 2011
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Hello and thanks.
I had some extra clones that I put in a 15 gallon pot. There is 6 of them in the pot. I just put the grow cubes directly into the pot. Never really planned to do too much with them.

I am in Socal so I put them outside. I figured that they would flower many months from now. Well they are already budding after only a month outside.

Here is my question. Should I just leave them outside knowing that they will end up having to reveg? Or move them inside (when I get room)?
I am not real thrilled about moving ANYTHING from outside into one of my tents but at the same time I would hate to have to go through the reveg cycle.

The reason that the clones were "left over" is because I got em mixed up. They are either AK47 or Sour Diesel.

The plants are flourishing outside.

Thanks for the input.
Leave them out they will either reveg or you may end up with a middle of summer harvest

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