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Well, Pilgrim... As I cannot legally inform you over the Internet of the details of The Secret Of Unendurable Pleasure Indefinitely Prolonged, [<-- Link] I will give you the very next best thing: the sekrit of ultra-delicious clam chowder (to my knowledge, prolly only known to 90% of Long Islanders and most Michelen 5-Star chefs).

First, just as you can buy a whole chicken in a can, you can get clam chowder in a can.

They are on a par with the Real Thing. So you make some clam chowder. I wonder if there's clams near Denver...

HERE COMETH THE THEEKRET: When you serve it, put one shot of Triple Sec in the bowl of chowder. 🎇 🎆

wil this sh-it work?


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