Island Of Misfits

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I can't count for shizz everyone knows that.
I tried to play by their rules even signed a contract with the state which they then arbitrarily Changed at a later date proving yet once again government cannot be trusted with anything.
Then they outlawed recreational sales in the county pretty much guaranteeing a thriving black market...........lolz.
We had 4 med dispensary shops when we moved here selling $250 zips of mediocre flower.
Now there's one left and me..........the other fellows on his way out and I cannot keep up with demand.

Yup. Undercut the boof price, and over-deliver on quality. Sounds familiar.🤔🤫😁
If you have ever seen Eastern Colorado or western would think the world is flat.....look at his pictures.
When I was young and stupid, I drove my Road Runner Eastbound through Kansas (I-70) during late night with a stretched-out tachometer.

I was bookin' along for miles...went over a little hump in the road and there was a state cop with his single light flashing on top of his car.

He was in the Westbound lanes, and had someone pulled over. He watched me go by at 100+ mph with his ticket book in his hand and the grass median dividing us. Memories.
I personally would worry more about the chickens 🐔

we lost our last hen from the Original 27 from 9 yrs ago , she passed away early yesterday morning

her funeral was today

Henny Penny was a wonderful creature..she gave us many eggs over the years , she has contributed about 1/4 pound of manure for the garden , every day!..

and she was world class in putting pressure on grasshoppers and other evil garden bugs….Henny patrolled the garden nearly every day of her short life

RIP Henny Penny

I've seen Bigs house and roads. No wonder he thinks the Earth is Flat.😱😁

for the record , the idea of a flat earth intrigues me

besides being nightly skeptical of the gubmint…would they lie to us?…NASA is gubmint

we need more data about the moon landing , but hey , guess what?…all that info somehow got lost!..

imagine that

actually it is not that flat out here , and as others have said , Kansas is the epitome of flat

we are around 4300’ feet elevation


notice how flat and level the water is and it will stay flat no matter how long and wide it is….water seeks its own level.


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