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May 25, 2011
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Hey everyone :) Decided to share my grow with you all, I've been growing for quite some time (years...lol). I started growing organic outdoors several years ago and continue to run a few outside every year. About 5 years ago I started running indoors as well.

I have a 3 car garage and converted the 3rd bay into a room. I started big, well...it was big for me...3200 watts over two trays with 80 plants in soil. I ran that way for about 2 years and then got EXTREMELY tired of taking care of it all on top of my 60+ hour a week day job..lol. So, I cut back to 1 tray and now run anywhere between 10 and 20 plants depending on the method I want to use for the run (scrog, SOG, LST, hydro, soil, etc.).

I've grown in about every medium and every style possible and really have no preference, nor do I think any one is better than the other. They all have their strengths and weaknesses imho. I'm a knowledge *****, I like to grow in a specific style until I feel like I've got it down (at least 4 runs) and then try something new. Whether new means changing mediums, nutrient lines, scrog, etc., I love to keep things interesting and keep feeding my brain.

Here's some information about the current room setup:

1800 watts HPS
Organic Soil in 3gal pots
6 x 3 flood tray
12" fresh air intake (I don't run CO2 at this time)
Currently running open hoods but will change that as the heat of the summer kicks and I need to control temps better.

I'm using Black Gold w/ 30% perlite added. Black Gold is OMRI certified organic.

Nutrients are made locally to me (Santa Barbara, CA.) and are called Grow-Biotic. They make an awesome line of organic nutrients (all ingredients OMRI listed) and additives. I will post more information about these soon (ingredient lists, etc). They stink to high heaven, but the trade off is phenominal tasting buds and extremely healthy plants all the way through the run. No pushing huge flowers with high levels of nitrates found in todays synthetics...just huge flowers naturally..lol.

Current strains for this run are:

Bubba Kush - Chocolate Rain - Querkle - Vanilla Kush

Other strains I have around are: SR71 Purple Kush (picked up 9 years ago from BlueSky in Oakland), DNA LA Confidential, Mr. Nice Black Widow and tons of crosses made by myself and friends. I will list out the seed stock of crosses in another post.

So - Here's some shots from the room.


Here's the tray


I've got more pics to upload...5 pic limit...taking another post below this to continue...;)
Here's some shots from my last harvest. Purple Kush, Chocolate Rain, Bubba Kush, Platinum Bubba and LA Confidential.

This is all Chocolate Rain from 4 plants.


First two and last one are Bubba, the frosty lil sucker is Platinum Bubba.

wow, too bad you didn't get any bud from your harvest.:holysheep: :holysheep:
Looks beautiful, thanks for starting a grow journal.
Thanks for the kind words, I look forward to sharing with you all :)

Ozzy...you get the recliner :D Rose, I'm not running out soon...LOL :p
Thought I would share my outdoor girls and veggies in here as well :) Hope everyone has a great day off today! :D

Hey J what kinda seed stock do you have?

I read that you were gonna share...just didnt know when?
Jbyrd glad to have yah here at this great site. what black gold soil are you using? i just picked up some of the coco blend in pink label for some moms. never used ready to go soil outta the bag. i also see that you like SC (supercropping). i go nuts w/ it. im def watching this 1.
Ozzy - I'll get a list going and post it up :)

Doc - Thanks man :) I'm using the natural/organic potting soil with the big orange flower on it...[URL="hXXp://www.blackgold.bz/products-premium-organic-potting-soil-fertilizer-amendments.html[/URL]. It's great stuff man. I'm used to growing in my own soil as well. You can see in my outdoor garden pictures, in the background....big compost pile in that field. I get horse manure, chicken manure, lawn clippings, leaves, egg shells, etc...from everyone I can that doesn't use bogus ferts in their yard and cook that **** down, flip it with the tractor, cook it some more..etc..lol. I used to grow strictly in that...some of my best runs in that stuff, then I got on a coco and hydro kick for awhile.

I love to use SC as a means to maximize yield, gain light penetration, etc. I use a mix of LST & SC in my tray. Whatever I can do to keep the canopy as even and as full as possible without affecting light penetration to the lower sites.

Thanks for checking it out man.
Here's a couple more shots. I flipped to 12/12 on Monday, will be doing some pruning and LST/SC work out there tonight. Try to get some pics of that process up as well :). Plants are doing nicely, really kicked in to over drive now and I finally increased my nutrient levels to full strength (noticed a little hunger strike going on). They've responded well, the tray is pretty much full with only 10 plants in it (I usually run 20)...looking forward flower development and seeing what the Grow-Biotic flower nutrients can do.

Wifey is about to pop one out so if I disappear for a couple days it's cause I'm welcoming our new daughter to the family! :holysheep:

congrats on the baby! isn't it nice to fill the same space w/ less plants?
well were to start.:holysheep: dude very nice grows!!:hubba: this is a great site to chat, post killer pics, learn (your doing good) :) and to puff this huge:bong2: and then hit :48: and now :dancing:. congrats on the :baby: :aok:
Looks awesome. And all that bud :eek:

what are you growing ?
Thanks Doc! Looking forward to the new addition for sure. I have older children (15, 17 and 5), it will be cool to have a little one running around again :)

Ruffy, thanks man..I'll hit that for sure! Thanks for the kind words!

Thanks Bho! You wondering what the current run is? Or out in the yard? I'll tell ya both..lol.

Current run is Chocolate Rain, Vanilla Kush, Bubba Kush and Querkle. Outside is SR71 Purple Kush and Querkle in the pictures, also have a Power Plant outdoors in another location. Will probably stick a diesel of some sort outdoors as well, simply cause I love to see 10' plants blowing in the ocean breeze..LOL :) In veggie garden I have tomatoes, yellow squash, bush beans, anaheim peppers, green onions, Giant Sunflowers, Zinnias, a mix of cut flowers (keeps the wife happy) so far. Will be doing some other things as soon as this bullshit late chilly weather we're having get's outta here and it starts sticking closer to the 80's.

Thanks for stopping in!
That is a nice selection :aok:. Have done the PP in the last grow. Good stuff even with my lower grade of skills :hubba:. bet you are going to have some monsters on the yard :eek: .
Here's an update. :)

Wifey went in to labor on Thursday night, we had to head down to the hospital at 11:30pm. She had the baby on Friday at 7:30pm and we just got home today. Little baby girl :D. I did make it home on Friday night though, had to water/feed the girls in both veg and flower. I took clones on Thursday evening and then had to bail before I could trim them up, dip em' and get them in the cloner. I put them in Dixies in R/O...they held up awesome and I just trimmed them all and got them in the cloner.

I pruned the girls up on Thursday night as well while I was taking clones. They are all nice and healthy...the Querkles and facking huge..lol, and the Vanilla Kush is really jamming, hell...they are all jammin'. I have shots of the before/after pruning that I'll optimize and post up tomorrow, I took fresh shots I'm posting tonight..lol.

I did have some fungus gnats show up in the the room, I'm going to attribute that to the soil bags, a couple had holes in them and they are stored outside at the hydro shop. I almost went with a pesticide....then I figured since I'm growing organic, I might as well keep it natural all the way. I picked up some nematodes and some safers pest stakes. I've used the nematodes before and they are ******* awesome. They seek out and kill any larvae or adult gnats, thrips, etc. in the soil. The safers stakes will take care of any flyers and if they make it to the soil, they'll meet their doom.

If anyone else is interested in the nematodes, you can order online for 30$, that 30$ will treat 3200 sqft of soil...unfortunately, that's the smallest batch, so if you have outdoor gardens you can treat those as well if you want. The ones you want are [URL="hhXX[/URL]

Here's some shots!


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