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Hungarian Gypsy

Cosmo Kush is the best!
Jun 2, 2011
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Just something that some of you may not now. You can sometimes grab free seedling planters from places like Lowes. I got a few of the free "in transit" plant holders FREE from Lowes the other day. I got 3 and stacked 'em, put my plants in 'em and they are AWESOME for drainage. I am a stickler when it comes to good drainage. :clap:

Here is what the plant holders looks like. It's about 2 inches tall and sits about 1/2 inch off the ground:
Plant holder.jpg
Hey Hammy. I just noticed your signature. Very profound dude. I like it.
Hungarian Gypsy said:
Thanks Hammy................you mind if I call you Hammy?

Hammy is what most call me....sometimes the wife calls me a cpl names I can't type on here....:holysheep:
Hungarian Gypsy said:
Hey Hammy. I just noticed your signature. Very profound dude. I like it.

Thanks...I lived right across the water from Manhattan when we lost those towers. Still hve a hard time watching footage of them falling.

I need a fat bowl of some Kush now....bad times.
Good freebie HG, I love freebies, especially as I seem to always buy the most expensive of everything I need, lights, nutes etc.

I have started blagging buckets for free!
In most supermarkets here (UK), there are flower displays and the bunches of flowers are kept in buckets with water in the bottom, around 4 gal (15L) or so and I have taken to asking for a couple each time I do a grocery shop, they never refuse!
There are no lids so are not much use for my RDWC grows but are great for soil grows. I will post some pics when I am home.
Peace W

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