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I'm here to get in touch with some people who need help to grow my strains.
Hope this forum is not paranoid like other onces like mjp that just disturb people when ur breeder and talk about ur strains...
I 'd prefer that this one is a cool attitud one as others where i'm used to post, if it's not the case, well no problem, I'll just go...

Please some moderator can tell me the rules here anbout what i can do, say or not? do i have limits, if yes wich ones? To tell the true i like to fell free to speak, as the cannabis is not a free plant, we must have a free atitud about it , don't u think so?

thank u

welcome to mp stitch. so what are you working with. we love pics...peace...
Welcome to MP brosef.....I hve grown your gear before. Dr. Auto flower is gonna be in heaven now.:)
hapnan stich !!welcome to mj passion
iv growing 1 of your strains b4 purple mazer ,,to be onhist it wasent up to much,, and out of the beans me and my budy grew ther was no singe of purp,, kinda put me off your stuff but iv herd your name pop up with good things said on other strains,,,, i love my autos and have been crossing them for while now have few good strains going 1 that smells like blackcurents and is going all purp on me 005.JPG

004.JPGhear lil pic,,,,peace [j]
No live links, my friend, you need to change the http to hXXp!!

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