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Lessons Learned.



Ok so.. i'm just sittin here.. smoked a bit... and listenin to some music in between my house work... got the dishes soaking.. considering they are all crusty since no one has done them for 3 days. so anyway.. i'm listening to a song by Carrie Underwood called lessons learned. It was sent to me from a really good friend, and although i've heard it before then.. it means something more to me.. because i've finally taken the time to really listen to the lyrics and the music.. and Let me tell you this song is amazing.. It just tells it like it is.. You all should go listen to it. yeah.. i really have no point in posting. other than just to be like. hey.. whats up.. this is whats goin on.. so whats up with you all today?


i wanna be cool too!
Oct 22, 2005
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i'll have to check that out Pranic

i am sitting right now...but am also cleaning up and doing some laundry

whats up with you?


Playing house wife.. everyone is gone this weekend.. and i thought it would be nice if they came to a clean house.. and not one with dirty dishes, laundry... and empty beer cans everywhere. ya know. then imma start dinner when i am done bummin around for a few. Thinkin i might make some kind of chicken dish.. that way when everyone gets home it'll be done. so yeah just sittin around listenin to music.. chillin.. kickin back smokin a cigarette before i decide to tackle the Litter box..... 4 cats in one house.. is a bit much.. for one litter box lol. it has to be cleaned like 2 times a day. Woke up this morning felt like death touched me. Last night was a serious bender.. although first time i've ever smoked in my kitchen... since no one else was home.. i had that freedom. it was kinda nice... to have an evening alone. although kinda sad.

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