Little Nervous about test...

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Dec 15, 2005
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ok, i am a regular 'light' smoker(maybe 3-5 'one hits' a day, 4-5 times a week) i have been for many years. I passed my first test to get my job after smoking less than 48 hours prior. I passed my first random test after being hired with having smoked in about the same time frame. all i did was use goldenseal, vitamins and drink lots of fluids.

this last time it had been about 60 hours since i had smoked and i used the same thing: goldenseal, vitamins and fluids. I am just worried becuase i wonder if i was just lucky the first two times, did the ACTUALLY TEST it, or was i really clean. I do have a good metabalism, and most foods and drink pass from me fast(God that sounds gross).

I think i am just paranoid(as usual ;) ) but should i be nervous??? Was i just lucky the first two times, or should i pass this one ok? Is there a certain limit you have to be over to 'pass' a drug test?

Thanks for any replies!

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