lowrider question

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Apr 4, 2005
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This is my lowrider at day umm i don't know lol..I guess 1month...I burn the **** out of them so they didn't really grow much for the frist 3 weeks, cause the light was too close, anyways i took a picture of one, i'm thinking this is a male?
I thought lowrider seeds would only produce female plants?
Lowryder is pretty much garbage from all the reviews I've read, although MDanzig has some very interesting crosses....
And no, they never advertised the Lowryder strain as female only....
I agree with you guys lowryder is a piece of shit , i had 6 seeds and all came out to be males :(
~ hey have you guys ever tried Seed Bay and C-bay? im always nevous about the mail, ive been scamed twice.
Go with Doc Chronic, he's right on with shipping and stealth...
Seed-bay is a part of Gypsy Nirvana (mjp) and has some great products and everything I've heard/seen about it is pretty good or you can order from Seeds Direct, which is also run by Gypsy.....
Stay away from Marc Emery or anything he offers, bad bad bad reviews and a lot of controversy surrounding him and his business practices......
Lol thanks! Nark Emery was the one who burned me. ill check out youre suggestions, peace Ickypit.
I just ordered some pure power plant beans 4 the 1st time frum

cannabis-seeds.co.uk($45), and some lowryderz frum doctor chronic 4 $35, can anyone tell me if these are good companys, and if ill be reciving mine any time soon.?

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