Miss talkin' to you all!!

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Mar 9, 2011
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Hi folks! Haven't been on in awhile as I am curing my grow and won't be starting another garden until the fall. I spent so much time talking to you all and now that I have no questions or concerns with my garden, I just miss chatting with you guys! Most of my stuff is pretty much cured now, all in quart jars. Most of it turned out pretty good considering all the mistakes I made :eek: . Some of it is a little too mild for my taste, but still good. I'm hoping to make it last all summer :ccc: but I may be dreaming!! Since I'm not growing this summer, I loaned my equipment to a family member who wanted to try growing some clones...but he had a heat problem with my 400's and brought them back and went with flourescents for now. We'll have to see how he does!!:)
So, have a great summer folks and I will def be back in the fall to see how everybody is doing!!
That's great you have a successfull grow. Have a great summer and be safe!

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