Moving to Amsterdam & I need advice....

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Sep 24, 2005
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I have a question. I get drug tested sometimes only on the 5th day of every month though. However i am moving to Amsterdam from January 2006 to the middle of May. I want to make the most out of my trip. They cannot drug test me until June 5th, 2006 which is the first time I can get a drug test when i get back. I was wondering how often do you think i can smoke (the most), how much dank can i smoke (as in grams amount) and also how much time should i give myself before i quit, to come back to the states and piss clean. I know height and weight comes into factor... I am 6'0" and i weigh 145 lbs. I have a very high metabolism, workout, and stay active. Please help me if you have any advice or tips.

Thank you,

P.S. The type of urine test they give me is the one where they do it right then... They put the tester into your urine and watch the bars show. They do not send it to a lab for further testing.

Any Advice will be greatly appreciated!!!
They'd play hell gettin' me to come back..:D

thc is stored infat tissue. I'd say you could smoke your brains out Jan. Feb. and March. 90 days should clear your sysytem.
if i smoked all through March though, it wouldn't leave me 90 days. My father suggested i quit smokin 45 days before i come back, and he said that was only if i smoke like 3 times a week. I plan on only smoking maybe 1 or 2 joints each day, on an average of 3 times a week. I will be taking classes and traveling to other countries, so i cant smoke all the time anyways. Do you think i left 2 months clean if i smoked as often as stated above, i would be clear??let me know what you guys think... again thank you for your responses. I am not opposed to using the gelatin method, i had heard about that a few years back. I am just unsure how long the marijuana will stay on my fat cells. I think i need to start testing early before i leave, so i can figure out maybe how long the THC stays in my piss... anymore tips, ideas, advice will help
Themanwithnoname said:
or you can get some detox when you get home....

Detox only works temporarily though, right before the test... correct? or do they have a detox that will clear your system out completely? any suggestions?
u can goto a smokeshop and buy a drinkers aid in making u clean for the same day u just have to follow the instructions or ask the person whos at the smokeshop questions bout it but thats like 40 $ but if u wanna wait it out then it takes up to a month
Ive heard the only %100 fool proof method of getting yourself clean is no smoking at all for 6 months.
LOL no buddy 6 months is to long a month is wats required unless u smoke like more than an eighth every day then u would have to keep clean for bout 2 months ive drug tested be4 and they've told me how long it takes
weed tokaLOL no buddy 6 months is to long a month is wats required unless u smoke like more than an eighth every day then u would have to keep clean for bout 2 months ive drug tested be4 and they've told me how long it takes

So weed toka,
How often do you think i could smoke in order to be clean in a month?? i was going to leave 45 days of no smoking before i leave.... could i smoke like once a week.... twice a week?? what do ya think? thanks
Just Go To The Supplement Store, Gnc Or Whatever And But The Detox Drinks. They Taste Like Shit But I Have Been Tested Repeatedly And I Usually Follow The Rule Of No Smoking For 72 Hrs Prior, Take The Detox Drink And Follow The Directions To The Letter. I Smoke 2 To 3 Times Daily For 20+ Years And Have Never Failed A Piss Test.
thank you everyone for your responses and contributions. I think i am going to smoke a gram maybe once every four days. Then quit 45 days before i come back. then just to be safe buy a drink for my piss test the day i take it.

hopefully it works out.
All you have to do is take DETOX 2 hrs before test and you will be completely flushed out. Or you could go by the old standard and drink about a quart of vinegar and drink like 2 gals of water. ive had friends smoke the day before test, take detox 2 hrs before and pass with flying colors. but its up to you if you want to give up MJ for 45 days. Kudos to you if you can leave Mary for that long
i hate this. everyone has ideas about how long weed stays in you but no one REALLY seems to know. including me.

i took a drug class from an x cop and he told me the instant tests can only detect THC in your system if you've smoked within the last 8 days. for most of my probation i've smoked 3 weeks and just quit the last week before i had to go visit my probation officer...didn't drink excessive amounts of water, didn't take any pills or any detox drinks and i ALWAYS passed my UA's

maybe you should check it out
Well my trip is coming to an end. I might have fucked myself though, i might not have. I smoked on the 18th of April- one small bowl. Then on April 29th, not even thinking about it i took a very very small bite of my g/f's space cake. I am now losing sleep and freaking out wether or not i will pass my drug test. I come back home on the 23rd but i might just not call in till the 5th as stated to buy myself time.

kackarot, is that information accurate? They give me a five panel test then and there. I think i will be alright but i am freaking. What would they do if i failed? I am on Probation for Felony Attempt to distribute marijuana...

Dammit i ******* hate my life, i dont want to **** myself and end up going to jail or some shit. I have never ever failed a drug test since i have been on probation. As stated before I am 5'11'- 6 foot and weigh 140- 145 lbs.

Do you guys think i will be alright? Should i screen myself right when i get back? Any tips or advice as to what i should do to prepare? Please give me any encouragement, advice and help. I am very scared....
also what kind of gelatin stuff should i buy? i dont know if i am just worrying myself for no reason, but i might just drink like a gallon of water, take 4 asprins, some vitamin b and a detox drink the day of or before the test just for good measure...
yo i was on probey for a year for a felony so i know how u feel when i only had 2 days to clear my system i got on a sweatshirt and some sweatpants and ran forever and burned as much fat as i could then id take niacin pills which burn like hell but its worth it.... anyways if u have ecleast 20 days and u dont smoke and u burn enough fat cells and u should be fine be sure to drink lots of water better start now good luck
Yeah man probation sucks. I hope a little more than 20 days is good. So i heard though that i shouldn't excercise the week before the test and eat alot of food and sit on my ass. I also heard not to drink alot of water until a little before the test. I hate all this ******* speculation. Anyone else with any advice will be appreciated. Thanks for the support guys, it helps for real.

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