N-Caged Grow, Outdoor 2011

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Jun 2, 2007
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Some Soil, some Sun and some Water, roll it up in a Cage and you have this summer's...

N-Caged Grow!

We will be presenting.....

1. Urkle
2. Cherry AK 47
3. Pineapple Cindy 99
4. Bubble Gum, from the midwest
5. '87 NorthernLights

That is the starting line up folks.

Pictured, the Cage with out the clones, is some celantro . We will be putting the clones into gallon containers today and bringing them in over night. Then we will be planting in the smart pots May 27 overnight temps permitting. Pictures will follow as soon as we get them potted up. I just couldn't wait to start this N-Caged Grow Journal.

n caged 1.jpg
:woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
I get a front seat for this one!!!
Sounds like a nice menu TC, what size smart pots will you be using?
Using the 45 gallon variety Smart Pots and a few plastic about the same size. Re-using soil this year. We are gonna nute these girls this year to the limit and as far beyond as we can. I bought a gallon of the Fox Farms Grow Big the other day, and it is a race to see if we can use it all up.

Glad to have you cubby. Lots of room outdoors here. As you can see the Mr. Tc has been clearing ground around here. The shed is gone from the background and the bikes have been moved and the weeds are history.
Yep, the long haul, this is it, we will be around till October's Harvest. Glad to have you Rotten.
Scoot over Cubby, I want the front row too.

Ok, life is complete since you have started your new grow!

The place looks so tidy and nice. I like the line up too.

got popcorn?
Glad to see you Rose, I gave the popcorn away today, all I got is nice big buds, your gonna have to smoke that. Mendo, Hindu Skunk or NL, you may fall asleep on your chair. It is gonna be a long haul till October, hope that chair is comphy.

Here we have the clones, we went with four inch pots instead of gallons as we were light on potting mix, oops. :eek:

1. The whole group, to the right is Urkle (Im gonna have to settle on a spelling of that)
2. Urkel ?
3. '87 NorthernLights, boy did Mr. TC's face light up when he saw that. :D

Welcome to all of you who have subscribed yet have opted to watch. And, Welcome to those who will watch and post. Gonna be a steller grow, getting engaged around here.

N-Caged 2.jpg


'87 NL.jpg
I am in tc....I worry about watching these outdoor grows. Please don't let anything eat me.:holysheep:
Give em the heavy dose of juice. Gonna be trees again. 1gal of big bloom will run out quick. What else you giving these she beasts?
Nice line up TC. Going to pull up a seat and wait for the colors to come. May the Sun Gods smile on you garden this year.:)
hello tc and crew, ill pull up a chair and a BIG fat leaf for the hamster, so he dont get to much sun. should be sweeet lookin when ur done with this variety! green mojo 4 u tc
Ruffy said:
hello tc and crew, ill pull up a chair and a BIG leaf for the hamster, so he dont get much sun. should be sweeet lookin when ur done with this variety! green mojo 4 u tc

Thanks Ruffy....I appreciate it.:)
Nice lookin' babies ya got on tc ;) I'm in!

Kinda curious.. You gonna run the black bags as is? I am just wondering 'cause I saw some white ones at a local that were being advertised as specifically for outdoors...
Hamster, if you dont mind the bobble head owl, I dont think there will be anything out there that will get you, excepting the hawks that fly by.

nvthis, I have not seen the white Smart Pots yet. I checked these black ones out pretty good last summer. Never did feel hot soil and the roots did fill the pots. I will be using black plastic for a couple of the plants, I may use butcher paper (I have done this in the past) around those pots to keep them cooler. I think the cloth breaths pretty good and the soil stays cool because of that.

The clones have made it through the night and are now in a corner bedroom upstairs, nice and sunny in there (cloudy today). We will be keeping them there untill they get used to their new pots and real sun. The PC99 perked up and not a one is drooping now.

Looks like rain next week. The day I wanted to put them out in their big pots has been pushed back to the 21st or 22nd. Sunny and warm or warm and cloudy. They should be pretty well rooted by then. We are up and running.
After some pretty cold weather, and lighting a fire in the house in May :eek: , the weather has cleared. According to the Mr. Tc there will be no more cold days this spring :cool: . It is absolutely beautiful out there today and transplanting clones went very well.

1. '87 NL, lower right
2. Bubblegum
3. Cherry AK 47
4. 5 Urkel along the back.

For those of you who have not seen my cage. It runs almost directly East West with the long sides North and South. I call north the back as it is backed up to hill. The Front of the garden is the south side. The West side is also the back. So if you are confused, it is okay. With the AK in the SW corner, the upcoming Ak will be along the W back. They are not here yet, so again, if you are confused...... Everyone is facing South, if you think this is a South facing cut in the South face of the mountain. I was just killing time till those pictures uploaded. Have a nice day! :D

OH and anyone want to let me know how to spell Urkul? Urkel? Urkle? Thanks

spring 1.jpg

spring 2.jpg

spring 3.jpg

spring 4.jpg
Looking good, i am glad you got them outside today. YES.
I am in for the long grow.

better get a cage for the hamster to rest comfortably in. I could bring my dog kennel for him.
Those are going to be big. Can i pull a chair ? 45 gallons is almost 150 liters correct ? Jesus :holysheep:
Hi TC, I would go with Urkel thats the way it was spelled when I looked it up. Mojo for your OD.
Cool Beans uh I mean clones... Love the cage.:48:

Subscribed.. :cool:
Thanks Ray, Urkel it is then. I was even tossing around Erkel and Erkle. Thanks for the Urkel heads up.

The girls made it okay outside overnight. They will be fine now. The long term forecast says it wont go below 45f now overnight.

Thanks for stopping by ya'll. Pull up a chair, a stump or an old 15 gallon pot, all are welcome!

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