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Jun 27, 2005
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Tomorrow will be right at 4 weeks from sprout, and they are really sucking down the res at a rapid rate. These are some of the bushiest plants I have ever seen, and some of the leaves are huge and heavy, seem to be really weighting the plant down. Is this a good or bad thing? They don't seem to be increasing in height so much as circumference, but the node spacing does seem pretty tight, as you can see in the pics. Appreciate any feedback you guys might have, and as always, thanks in advance---

one month 001.jpg

one month 002.jpg

one month 003.jpg

one month 004.jpg
mojo they look good to me, just try to train them to go up. How far is your light from your plants now?
Thanks Biz:
It's around 18" or so from the top of the tallest shrub. Should I start moving it up as they grow, or will it be okay at as low as a foot away from the tops? Also, I was thinking of cloning to determine sex, based on the pics, should I do that in the next week or two?
About the training---I have ordered some trellis netting, but I'm unsure of the best way to place it. Would some string be a better idea to start with?
Damn those leaves are big!
Yes start moving it close till you get to 1 foot aleast. how can you determind sex with cloning?
Cut and plant clones from each plant that is in veg, let the clones establish roots for 5-10 days, then put them on 12/12 and force flowering and see what pops up. It's a way to identify ahead of flowering which if any of your vegging plants may be males so you can pull them prior to flower. Or so I have read and been told...

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