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Hell yell good to see you back everybody is wondering and asking about you

Hope everything worked itself out for you brother
Welcome to MP.........lol

Yo Brosef good ta see ya pop in and say Hi...hope all is well. Blonde Boy needs a tutorial on curing.....:)
Hey fellas! Good to be back. If I could, I'd give y'all a damn hug :D Things are calm here for now.. The big bad wolf tried her best I guess.. But never made it to court or nuthin' :rolleyes: Feels good to be home amongst old friends.. Not that y'all are old... You know what I mean, lol :D Well, here I am, and to celebrate Ima roll a fatty and just enjoy the heck out of this moment.. Got to go find 2dog and congratulate her on that fine nl up top... Sheesh.. Wish I had some new pics or something.. Been so long since I flipped anything, gonna have to go read a book or something and remind myself how haha..

Peace guys..
Welcome back... Love your location... Spent some time there myself with a friend of mine... Maybe you know him; his name is Chris?:rofl: nice to meet you finally, I've seen your name dropped a few times and it's nice to put a thread with the name! :rofl:(thread with the name?:confused:) anyways, good to have you back, just went through some drama myself, working on getting up and going with a little something something!
OGK, wassup homey! Been enjoying a bit of your wit tonight, fosho ;)

Heya Gix, nice to meet you as well.. Yeah, drama~drama.. Sheesh, gotta be careful who you get naked with these days.. Next thing you know: Court appointed visitation and holiday schedules.. Eh.. :D
:cool: theres my bro. we must talk. been far to long brother. this just made my whole week.:D

i missed you man. hit me up when things smooth out. we got some catching up to do for sure. peace my brother...
Well look who the bailiff drug in.

This right here: Next thing you know: Court appointed visitation and holiday schedules.. Eh.. was my life for years--2 ex's and a daughter from each. Ouccchhhh.

Good to see you around again--this place could use a guy like you.
:ciao: :ciao:

Good to see ya, Brownie Team 1 Leader! Happy to hear all is good with you! More later, we need to get caught up!
Hey hey Irish! Yes indeed brother.. Good to see you to my friend!

Pencil.. Haha yeah man, ya haven't worked till ya dealt with a neo nazi, diesel dyke, man hating mediator lol.. I came out on top of that one.. Now we seem to be in this wierd "let's see just how hard I can jerk NV's chain back" phase.. Ex's.... Somebody's gotta love 'em..

Art! Hope all's good :) yup, time to catch the heck up! This site is running about as fast as one legged slug **** for me this morning.. I'll get there soon homey..

Yo K, it's darn great to see you man! ;)
WOW :eek: good to see your back NV.... been tooooo long without seein what crazy new DANK your runnin... glad all is well out your way.... :48:
Yo, JAAM'ers! Howzit? Great to see you too man.. I'm really glad you guys are still here :) Kinda like the old guarde 'round here.. Sure makes it feel like home..
Hey nvthis, really good to see you back. i owe all my cure knowledge to you.

Sounds like you have been through hell.
Always good to see a familliar face/name return.

welcome back.
Hi Rose :) Well, I got to spend a lot of alone time with my own demons, and some would say that is hellish enough, but really it wasn't all that bad.. It did give me a fine appreciation for the fact that good times can deteriorate quickly, and anything can come up at anytime.. Think I liked the blissful ignorance better, if ya ask me ;) I'm also happy that you have found satisfaction with your cure.. Anyone who puts the kind of work that we do into our hobbies deserves to get out of it all they can..

Dman! Wassup! It's great to see you :D And your avi still creeps me out a little lol.. What's newz homey? Hope all is well..
Hey NV, good to see you back. Shaken the shakles always rejuvinates the soul. Now be careful who you go bumpin' uglies with in the future.

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