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May 25, 2005
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I use paper clips for 1 purpose only.
Stainghtening out one end, I use it to unclog my glass spoon.
Because I occasionally lose one, I need about 2 paper clips a year.
I lost the one I was using, so on my next trip to the grocery store where I spend HUNDRED'S OF $$'s/YEAR. I asked the manager (sitting at a desk) for a paper clip--the 2nd time I've asked her for 1 in my entire life. I even said please and smiled.
She hands me one but gives me a dirty look and says "why don't you buy some."
I mean, if the same person perpetually asked me for a cig or pinch of pot or money, like every few days or something, I might get a little pissy.
But fer crying out loud, it was A ******* PAPER CLIP.
I mean, how much does a paper clip cost. What are they, like a penny or 2 apiece?
I don't want to buy a ******* box of a hundred because I don't need a 50-year supply.
Now I feel like buying a box of like 500 and dumping them on her desk top with a "Merry ******* Christmas" or something.
I won't, but have you had a similar experience? Like being stuck somewhere and asking someone for a cig and they act like you just asked for their first-born?
I once asked a guy on the street what time it was, and he actually said "why don't you buy a ******* watch."
Gonna smoke a bowl.
i kno wat ur talkin about ganja. Theres the guy in my grade that i toss a smoke to now and then, when he needs one, then the other day i had a math exam and i asked him if i could borrow a fuckin pencil and the little ***** says no!!! i was ready to kick that guys ass!!!! Wat make things more fucked up is that the next day i'm bunin at lunch and he asks me if he could take a few hits.
about six months ago I swung my buddy a 1/8 of some tasty nug. When he opened the baggie he looked up at me and said" That's it!" i wanted to punch him in the face. i was giving him weed and he thought i wasn't giving him enough!!!

Then later on that night after i rolled a doobie and smoked with it with him. Right after we finished he handed me about a gram and tolled me to roll it up for him, because he can't really roll that well. So i roll it for him and wait like 15 minutes or so. Then i ask him when he's gonna fire it up and he threw a temper tantrum and told ME to **** off. Needless to say i never toked with him again.
my friend has a girlfriend that stays with another girl that is seems to me to be a little mentally challenged .every time i go pick up my buddies girlfriend for him she waiting at the door for me and ask me for a cigar i always give her 1 well the last 3 weeks shes been asking me for 2 cigars after 3 weeks im getting lil grogy and telling her i dont have that many left but still giving them to her anyway .by the way she has cigarettes with her . well last summer me and my old lady gave them a puppy and the puppy is big now . well last week when i pulled up same ol thing cigars.well her doggy now decides to jump up on my car i told it to get down it slides it paws down on the side of my car as it was getting down . i gave her the cigars and her dog jumped back on my car side door by window i knew it just wanted to be petted i nicely pat her on the head and said get down (even though i was already pissed for scratching my car door) and the girl told me dont hit my dog you are mean i thought you was a nice guy . i told her look you cannot go let you dog go scratch up peoples cars like that you saw her and should have told her to get down yourself . and i tell you waht if i wasnt a nice guy i would have made you pay me for scratches on my car and i would also tell you to just deal with your cigarettes and quit asking me for cigars or to buy them you dam self .she appoligized later .but i tell my buddy hes gonna have to find his own way over there for now on .

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