Plants drunk on Mycorrhizae

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Ive been amending my organic soil mix with this mycorrhizae stuff and the plants sure like it, the growth has run me out of room everywhere, and the color,there almost blueish looking, the size of them, the red pot has the new mix, gotta LST her tommorow.


The great thing I have read about mycorrhizae is that it can be used in hydro. I have been looking for some and now I have seen that pic I am more determined to get some.

I take it that is the only difference between the 2 buckets? I would assume you have to water more frequently too?

Lookin good. W
Mycorrhizae in the soil breaks down the nutrients in the soil to something the plants are able to uptake. In hydro, the nutes are already broken down and ready for the roots to take up so there is no need for mycorrhizae.
Ya I gotta give them alot of water, my plants sure have gotten bigger. I don't do Hydro so I don't know, good luck to ya.
Thats not the full extent of what mycorrhizae do niteshift.
I have read a lot of articles/research papers about these wonderful things. Some nute companies advocate a sterile environment in hydro (such as Dutch Hydro) while others suggest using beneficials (such as AN).

Personally I believe they can offer something to hydro growers though weather that benefit is worth the cost of buying them is another story. The price for products such as Great White or Hygrozyme is rediculous and I would not pay what is asked for them but the product I have seen is less than £10 delivered for 150g (6oz) so I feel it is worth trying. At least that way I am working from a position of knowledge.

The RHS (Royal horticultural society) in the UK has a hydro product available which I have just ordered, I intend to do a side by side with some cuttings once it arrives and until then I wont make a judgement either way.
I like experimenting and I have big hopes for this one once it arrives.

Peace W
You will have to let us know how it goes Woody.

Skag, that plant looks awesome! It is crazy what microbiology does in mother nature.
one of our distinguished colleagues has said it perfectly in---feed the soil not the plant---you all are gonna love these little fungi---they love to feed on molasses, fish, bones, alfalfa, worm castings etc...
I think that mycorrhizae is the single most important element i have learned produces more and better tasting herb.
Erbal said:
You will have to let us know how it goes Woody.

Skag, that plant looks awesome! It is crazy what microbiology does in mother nature.
Thanks Erbel its a exciting time, 77 degrees today, my plants love it, got my pot wraps done just in time.

You sure do grow some beauties:dancing: They look so happy:D

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