Pre-98 Bubba, and Harlequin grow

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Ranek Icewalker

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Jan 15, 2011
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Hey Folks.

Starting a GJ, my first real one, hopefully.

Ive got some great Genetics thats im gonna be throwing into flower next weekend.

My set up is as Follows

Walk in Closet 4x2 grow area, Venting into an unused Bathroom.

1000W HPS
6" Vortex fan 430CFM, blowing through my aircooled hood.
6"inline Duct fan, removing stale air.
Oscillating fan to keep the ladies moving.
5Gal DWC hydro buckets with 4" airstones.

Sensi bloom A&B
Kool Blooms bloom enhancer

Harlequin is a clone only strain, with a High relative CBD percentage, compared to most popular strains, it tests at about 6%THC 6-8% CBD
Total pain relief strain, Knocks out my knee pain like nothing else, great body effect, very little head check, its like smoking a Valium :)

Ive vegged her since march 18th

Pre-98 Bubba, the real deal, got it from a guy that i know, he has had the clone since 2000, finally after all these years he was willing to part with 2 cuts, Im keeping one for a mother, throwing the other into flower.

Im gonna take some pics tomorrow, gotta get these Bubba's in Dirt and Buckets.
Wow I could only use that Harlequin for night time :D I bet it would really help my back though! cant wait for pics mate

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