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Jan 15, 2006
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I have had some success growing commercial bag seed and think I'm ready to order a real strain. I would like some advice from expeirenced growers on which stain to grow. I grow in dirt in a small closet, 7ft long x4ft high x 4ft deep. I use 8 4ft 40w flos during vegitive, and ad a 250w HPS during flowering. This will be my 3rd grow so I am still new and would like a easier plant to grow. I am thinking about ordering Super skunk, and B-52. I would like to order white widow, but I have heard white strains are harder to grow. Would appreciate any replys before I order. Thanks
Go for the white widow. Its not hard to grow. Ive grown it several times and its one of the easiest to grow. Dont listen to others who say white strains are hard to grow. I think white strains are the ones you want. They are the ones covered with THC at harvest, and we all want that. I wont grow it if it aint a white strain.
They just hate nutes... so go easy on em at first!
weeddog is right and well respected. white widow is nothin short of easy and the best for the highest thc content. and is only a 8 week and 5 day strain for flowering.
Well I'm glad to hear WW isn't that tuff to grow. I'm gonna order it for sure. Now I'm kinda torn between skunk #1 and super skunk. Odar controll is a bit of a problem for me. In the description of super skunk it says "Brush against this plant and the aroma fills the room". I'm guessing the smell wouldn't be worse then shunk #1, but not sure. any suggestions.
a couple bags of kingsford and your good to go .
a couple bags of kingsford and your good to go

Thanks for your posts everybody. Thanks for helping me get high for cheap.
Skunk, I'm not sure what kingsford is, or what to do with it? Is it to help with the smell? also, should I order skunk #1, or super skunk.
I almost exclusively grow skunk#1.. dried it smells almost EXACTLY like a skunk.... but friends n family love it... get rite baked!
lol. kingsford is just a name brand charcoal which any charcoal absorbs odors . just getcha 3 or 4 bags and just open them and leave them when odors start. it works for me . and i also have grown skunk #1 its pretty good stuff it just dont have the thc content that the widow has more of the cbns and cbds in it the type that pinnes you to the couch type of high. not sure about the other skunks .
I always end the skunk grow 5 days early... makes a nice ''high'' high... no couchlock.. 30-50% amber i'd say. Skunk is rated right below widow... i believe it is ~18% thc?
kade im not critisizing you but sounds like you been visiting the unreliable seed companys pages . skunk from many different articles and scriptures is suppost to have around 8% to 10% while the widow is up around 18 to 22 percent + while the potentest marijuana is g-13 supposed to be around 25%+ but from my growing exsperience and smoking both skunk does not touch the widow from a long margin but i believe it does have a better taste. if you feel im in error on this subject tbg ,stoneybud, hick ,mutt,weeddog or whoever can feel free to butt in on this post if you feel im making a false statement. im not here to degrade you judgement neither or have hast feeling towards each other..
Widow I know 100% is 18-23 and I know g13 is 22-25, Skunk types i've always been told were 16-18. Perhaps it is wrong... which it may be... but I know ppl always get high as hell off of it.... I thought it was right alongside blueberry in the liking from most ppl.
Perhaps what i've got isn't skunk#1. The person i originally got it from was his uncle... who said he has been keepin the same strain going since the 80s... and he said it was skunk#1, the original strain. I assume it is because of its smell and the characteristics.
lol. kingsford is just a name brand charcoal
Yeah, now that you mention that I know exactly what you are talking about. I'm a propane man myself, so it didn't just pop in my head. Thanks for the help bud. Well I'm gonna order WW for sure, I'm not sure which skunk I'm gonna order, and prolly won't know untill 5 seconds before I order it. then 10 seconds after ordering it I'll wish I ordered the other one. I can never make up my mind, thats why I thank you all for the help. Snoogins.
haha yeah i know!! i'm tryin to find someone that'll order me some! =)
I ordered WW and Super Skunk today from the Nirvana section of Dr. Chronic's site. Anyone have an estemate on how long the shipment will take.

I don't know much about the differant THC percentages of differant weed, but here is the description of Super Skunk from Dr. Chronic's site.

Super Skunk is a successful attempt to beef up the famous Skunk #1. This strain is one of the first to match the potency of the powerful import hashish in coffeeshops. Still famous for its potent flavour and strong high. Much easier to grow and manicure than the “white” strains. Yields can be very financially interesting. Also works well in greenhouse or shed operations.

Plant type: Best suitable for indoor growing.
Plant height: Medium- Indica/Sativa mix
Stoned or high?: Stoney yet high- Allround Buzz
THC level: Strong 15-20%

Flowering Weeks: 8
IM BACK ALL...............anyway WW is like those books they sell for dummies........i would entitle mine GROWING DANK FOR DUMMIES.........b/c im a dummy and everything ive learned to date is 95% from 1.5 weeks into flowering and i have 5 sweet WW's and 1 SOUR SAVER............i wanted so much to clone my best ladies but im so busy im hoping the guy who gave me the 2nd generation clone(which is by far the dankest and heathest) will help a bro out...........i have offered him best pick out of 5 WW's and he declined b/c he is 5 weeks into flower w/ another strain..............anyway hello and thank you to everyone's input and i shall post i highly recommend calmag plus

hey kade dont get me wrong i love skunk that was my first strain i ever smoked and grew myself as a mater of fact i named myself after it lol. if you want to know a little more about most of the other skunk strains go to that will tell you about the different types of highs . alot of seed companys like nirvana dont get the acuall f-1hybrids and cannot be specific about the thc content . i have even seen where some seed companys have ww down at 12 and 14 percent thc but the majority will tell you it is the most potent in the world .
heyo irish my friend, welcome back. skunk, im a strain master. thats what they call me anyway when there not trying to kill me. the super skunk is a newer and improved version of the skunk #1 and is around 15% THC. W/W is about 22% thc but G13 is a big disappointment at around 10%. theres a canadian breeder who crossed g13 x haze and created a mind blower, but only 14% thc BUT has the phsyco power of the haze.

yer choices were good nilla420 and maybe add the NL or NL#5 next grow. take a run to look around and they lab test fer THC. the best white strain i've ever had was BLUE WIDOW. dont buy this from highstreet. NCGA was who we got seeds from but they dont exist anymore and we lost the B/W in a forest fire.
I have grown WW and then a few months after grew Skunk (not sure what number) and in all honesty the Skunk blew the WW away. I don't think you can really go by the THC numbers. There is always going to be that odd plant out of the bunch that is going to be way more potent than the rest. It is just luck of the draw.

I know for a fact there was a Skunk#1 going around my parts about ten years ago now. It was light neon green with bright orange hairs. This stuff was super potent and I have yet to find anything comparable to this day. One joint would blast five people, and it wasn't rolled fat by any means.

I think the numbers are a good judge of the potency of a strain in general, but we can't say that those are the absolute limits. There is always going to be a few freaks that blow the rest away. Just my 2 cents.


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