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Jul 6, 2009
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Roots Organic has a new bagged soil that needs NOTHING added to it. It's called "Roots Organic 707formula". It has everything in it. A good friend and grower did a side by side test with his souped up soil and RO 707. OR 707 kick grew a better plant. I still have to buy/add guano, kelp and things to beef up last years soil but Roots Organic 707 is the way to fly as far as getting new soil. Also duly note that Roots Organic is the only true "organic soil". On I'm not a sales person for Just a great soil that may save someone a few $$$'s. Green Blessing.:D
Used to use this, moved to their other soil (can't recall name), which is even better....this soil has been out for awhile.
Not "Roots Organis 707"? I'm wanting the best without work. I'm lazy.
It's made by Aurora and branded Roots Organics...but not sure name....

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