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Nov 4, 2021
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Virginia Beach
Hey friends. Decided to start a thread so I can look back in time and also so I can ask questions and keep them with my garden notes keeping them more organized.
today was the day I transferred my outdoor plants to their big girl pots. They have been spending their days and nights the last couple weeks getting use to the outdoors. Noticed that I had ordered 25 gal cloth pots but 20 gallon showed up. They were a nice size and fit the hot water heater drain pans I got for the two that sit on the deck. I ended up using a mix of happy frog which they were already planted in along with equal parts or organic soil and a bag of perlite in each pot. After potting I gave them all a nice drink actually two whole water cans of fresh plain PH water. None of the pots had run off but I thought that was enough for today. I did top them all and clean them up on the bottom but I may be doing a bit more. I love the way they look in the yard. I opted not to put one by the stairs on the one neighbor side as they have a lot of outdoor parties and thought just moving that one to the other side would be more incognito for what I’ve got going on in my yard. I planted one my my marigold rack and put a little pot of marigolds in each pot (that was Big’s advice)
Other stuff going on. I’m embarrassed to introduce you to Ms ugly who today finally showing amber trichomes so I can get her ugly self out of the tent. She had a tough time with me neglecting to check her PH runoff before it was to late. She does I must say have a lot of heavy dense and sticky buds. Can’t wait to see her without those ugly calmag leaves.



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this is the veg tent. Gonna split these plants up between the two tents and let them go to flower after I get a good cover of green. Second pic is the little girl crush that’s a bit behind but still growing strong. These will all be transplanted into the 5 gallon nursery pots I used on my first grow.

this is from a little clone that I let live in the flower tent in a small pot as she didn’t have a home. It’s drying now on a drying rack in my spare bathroom. Even in the tiny pot she made I’m sure over an oz of bud. We’ve already sampled this as I couldn’t resist the wild smell of GDP when it’s in the dry stage. It’s just crazy smelling

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