TGA Subcool's Third Dimension

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Jan 17, 2011
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04/02/2011 @ 2020
PH - 5.3
PPM - 148
Water bubbled for 24 hours, started with PH of 8.7. After 2.5 tsp PH down, we’re at 5.3. This is TGA Subcool’s Third Dimension. From The Attitude, we’re given this description:

This 3 way cross of super elites is our fastest maturing hybrid. Third Dimension is medium yielding hybrid with strong speedy buzz.*Mainly Sativa with incredible speed and high resin production.**Third Dimension cannabis seeds produce triangle shaped colas and*are easy to*trim.* Third Dimension can be cultivated both indoors and outdoors and the the best way to grow is topped and*vegged to a 30" bush.* It takes*it's cannabis seeds 45-50 days to*flower. *Having a very tropical taste reminding me of coconuts and Pineapple almost like a Pina Colada. The strain gets done very fast but does not lack in potency. The added boost of Jack’s Cleaner seems to really boost up the Sativa influence but the buzz is still very calming and relaxing with a nice mix of the three THC profiles present. I really enjoy smoking this weed so the smokability factor is high for flavour and taste.** Third Dimension consists of tropical flavours ranging from Coconuts, pineapples, Kiwi and fruit punch.***Incredibly fast plant great for making Red bubble.

So here’s the plan for this journal. I’m on a search for a good day time smoke. Something that doesn’t make me sleepy, or unproductive at work. I’ve got a few different options in my small inventory to choose from. Mandala’s satori is another one on the list, but the flower time on 3D is 45-50 days, and satori is around 70.

The wife asked me today, how much of my stash I have left (from the last time I purchased some smoke) and I gave her the run down. So, days of buying pot are over. The black nightmare I have in flower is showing amber, and might be pulled in a week, maybe more, depending on her color after another 7 days. The blue mystics have another 3 weeks, so unless I go on a major smoke out for no reason, I’m safe. I hope. :hubba:

This journal is going to focus on clones, and sliding pots/buckets into the tent to flower at the rate of 4 cuttings every 17 days, after I’ve got the clippings started, and as soon as the tent is finished its current run and is stripped down and bleached. I’ve fought root aphids for the majority of this flower phase, and I don’t plan on doing it any more. I will be running some clones in soil, and some in DWC buckets. I’ve got four 1-gallon smart pots on the way, and those will be the homes to the first clones if I get a female. The next batch of 4 will be in 3-gallon buckets while I wait on another order of 4 smart pots.

If I’ve done all the figuring right (and I probably haven’t, I never do all the figuring right) I’ll harvest 4 plants every 17 days, leaving me with 12 plants in flower at all times. My tent is 30” by 30”. 1-gallon smart pots are 7 inches across, and 3-gallon buckets are 7 inches across, giving me room for 16 total plants. That’s going to be 12 of the 3D and leave me enough room for 4 of the Tahoe cuttings if this is a female.

There are two potential kinks in my plan. Being able to harvest the 3D at 51 days, and the high it gives me (trich development) at that age. Not a huge one. After a dry, and a brief cure, I’ll smoke test the first batch, which will put me just past the next harvest. If I don’t like the high, all I have to do is make a slight mathematical adjustment and either push up, or push back the frequency that I introduce the next batch of new plants.

The other potential kink is that I’ll be running 4 clones of tahoe at the same time, which happens to be around a 70 day flower, so those plants are going to be quite taller then the new ones. The fix for this is also pretty simple. As the days go by I’ll be building a few different sets of height adjusters that will be at or near 7 inches across. I’ll be able to just stack another piece on top to raise the heights.

Of course, the 3D and Tahoe could be males, and this thread will be buried. It should be interesting either way.

I won’t always be this long winded.


Also, if anyone sees any kinks in this plan, please tell me. I'm not the biggest math geek, even though a lot of my work has some financial aspect to it. Part of learning is knowing where you messed up.

Day 001.1.JPG

Day 001.2.JPG

Day 001.3.JPG
Hi KR. Sounds like you have thought aboUt this one for a bit. I always have a game plan but never seems to go like originally thought. GL w/ the subs gear as I'm taking a break from it due to many herms. Haven't grown 3D though.
Hey doc, thanks for chiming in. Can you give me a little more info about the issues you've had, and which strains? Also, at what point in flower did they turn on ya?

Sorry for bombarding ya with questions; seems like you're familiar with his gear, and could help out with issues that could arise.
KR the only thing I'm familiar with subs gear is herms on 3 of 4 strains. 2 were in clone form so there's some questionibility onthat and they were vortex & jtr. The other 2 plants were seed & were in his mix pack which I'm guessing they're two diff strains. All appeared wk 6-7 of bloom. But this round I'm loaded w/ seed so I guess it was a lil earlier.
Ouch! That bites doc. I'll keep my eyes peeled for any signs. Thanks very much for the info.
Ok so I'm not real familiar w/ his gear as I've just run a few strains 1 run each. 2 were clone & were jtr & vortex. They popped @ 6-7 wks bloom. Other 2 strains are from a mix pack of his & they're loaded w/ seed so they were little earlier this time.
mojo for the Grow KR...Ive grown a few sub strains..I know the JTR is very much herlie trait..Ive been growing his Deep purple and 3rd D this year..have some in veg and flower now...The 3rd D is real nice and I didnt have issues..take ccare and be safe
i've grown tga gear too, and havent seen the herms others have. it was all fire. a friend just gifted me his space bomb, and im holding it til next fall.

i ran a hash plant a few years ago, and the description said it finished in 45 days. it didnt happen. i took it at 64. so the descriptions on stuff is mostly gimmick sales tricks to get you pulled in.

i'm in for the show. hook it up man...peace...
Hey KR, I would like to watch if you don't mind. LOL Sound like a real perv.
4u2sm0ke said:
mojo for the Grow KR...Ive grown a few sub strains..I know the JTR is very much herlie trait..Ive been growing his Deep purple and 3rd D this year..have some in veg and flower now...The 3rd D is real nice and I didnt have issues..take ccare and be safe

Thanks 4u2. I like hearing good news like that!!

Irish said:
i ran a hash plant a few years ago, and the description said it finished in 45 days. it didnt happen. i took it at 64. so the descriptions on stuff is mostly gimmick sales tricks to get you pulled in.

Yeah, I always take those numbers with a grain of salt. I figure 51 is a good starting point and I can adjust on the fly after the first harvest. If I need more time, I can introduce new plants every 20 days and harvest at 60 days.

powerplanter said:
Hey KR, I would like to watch if you don't mind. LOL Sound like a real perv.

Pull up a chair bro...I've never minded people watching :hubba:
i'm really interested in sub's stuff..i'd like to see how it lives up to it'srep. thinkin' of filling my main flower room with one of his em' up right bro..puff
Yo puff, thanks for stopping by. A guy I know on another forum has been running his 3D for about 2 years, and says it's about 50% amber around 45 days. He runs the Chernobyl and one other strain I think. 51 days flower from clone will put me over the 50% mark and should be a pretty knock out smoke. This journal should get real interesting once the first clones are taken. I'll be running 1 gallon smart pots with NC's super soil.

Until then it's gonna be boring. Lol
TKR, glad to see you're doing a journal. I'm subscribed and ready for the show. Here's a bunch of green Mojo for the babies!:)
Thanks for visiting AM! There was quite a scare last night and the show almost had to be cancelled. I'll break down the story in a little bit. I've got a bong to clean and some black nightmare to smoke.
Pardon me if I get a bit long winded. I have a tendency to do that when I'm really baked.

I live in a state that has really Prehistoric marijuana laws. I've had friends ticketed and cuffed for having schwag seeds in their vehicle. And I've smoked for as long as I can remember. I used to always smoke schwag because that's all I could find. For a long time, I never knew there was anything other than that. Then I dated a drunk whose brother dealt KB and I was sold. When we split up, that connect was gone and it was back to good old seedy. A few years passed and I got had twins, got married again and moved back to my old stomping grounds for work and also stopped working offshore.

I also found KB again and a very solid connect. The wife never minded as I'd always done it and she'd smoke with me from time to time. 2 years ago I took an assignment that would take me off of oil rigs and into the office and with it about a 20% cut in pay. It was a gamble with the long term pay off being hired by the major oil company I was contracted to.

Bills had to be cut by 1g a month at the very least and the first was my KB connect. Back to schwag. I don't know why I ever thought about it, but it was probably a stoned moment, and I probably googled growing weed, and MP popped up. I read for months, and then finally asked the wife. She appreciated the thought that I'd put into it, and the money that it could save, even if I was only buying schwag.

Last night she had a change of heart and completely freaked out. She wanted the plants out of the closet, which wouldn't have been a total waste, I'd had to have harvested the blue mystics about 2 weeks early but the smoke is good so far, and it would have worked.

I've got that Tahoe at about 2 weeks, and a 3D that just poked out of the ground, so the star of this journal is here, although a bit injured as one of the rain leaves (I think thats what they're called) got clipped by the cover as it was trying to rise up. She wanted those gone and all the beans I've acclimated over the past year.

I managed to calm her down a little but only enough to finish the plants flowering now, but tear everything down after. The initial agreement was to move to the garage after this closet grow. But that was off. Everything was to be sold, and seeds were to be gotten rid of. I'd talked her into letting me donate them to a medical facility, or place where they could be used for med patients in need.

I know when I can push my wife, and when I need to back down, and this was a time to back down. I caved, agreed and left it alone.

Today at lunch she said that I could move to the garage, but there were certain rules that had to be followed. We went over all her concerns and I told her all the measures I've taken to be secretive. And I told her that even though I am taking all these precautions, I know I'm breaking the law and what can happen. We've reached an agreement that allows me to grow my own.

I'm feeling kinda Randy so we're making a change to the arrangements, adding a few guest stars and ramping up big time.

I've got 3 strains that I can pull at 51 days; 3D, my black nightmare lucky girl, and mosca's c-99 bx-1. All soil. All 1 inch smart pots. I'm going to be rotating these in and out at 17 day cycles like originally planned. I'll have 4 rows of 3 plants dedicated to rotating those 3 girls in and out. I'll also have 2 rows of 3 where I'm going to run Tahoe (70 days) and Larry (70 days) in a 35 day cycle.

If I hit this right, I'll be trimming 12 plants in a 35 day span. Crazy? No doubt. Awesome if i nail it? Abso-f'in-lutely.
Well i'm gald the Mrs. didnt make ya tear everything down TKR. That would have been a sad site to see. Does moving to the garage give you more room, and will you still be able to keep temps in check out there?
The garage gives me plenty of room, enough to where I'll be able to root clones and veg in one area, and flower in another. Both areas will be completely sealed and climate controlled so I'll actually have better temp control than I have now in the closet.

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