The Beer Bong

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I've got a couple plants, I always seem to have a couple of plants, that are a pain to water, Lots of foilage and a dense canopy, or way in the back and i've got to move a bunch of pots to get to it. I've added a little extension to a transmission funnel from the Auto Parts store. I can penetrate dense jungle without spashing nutes all over the girls, I also use a elongated house gutter scoop, I can direct the flow of water to the tough to get to spot:48:


I like it. I was thinking of setting the tote I mix nuts in up high and mounting a valve at the bottom attached to a hose. This inspired me to add a bit of pipe to the end of my hose. I have been pulling all of my plants out of the grow area and rotating them under the light every time and watering as I put them back in because I can't reach the back row with my watering can without crushing the front row. . .
One for the ladies,one for me. On or he ldes, oe ro em. I can see how that could go terribly wrong!!:spit:

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