The Cops Want to Know...

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How often to you poke smot?

  • Never

  • daily

  • weekly

  • rarely

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Oct 10, 2005
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how often do you smoke the herb? (reafer for you beatniks on nugs for you kidz)...
Im no good if I dont smoke. Wake and bake is the best, that first toke of the day AHHHHHH...... Theres nothing like it!!!:p
My day isn't complete if i can't sit back, relax, and fire up a fat one.
I give somebodyelse their eight hours five or six days a week. I show up straight and give what they pay me for.
When I get off, that's my time and there are not many things I like better than to hit my pipe and spank on my Telecaster.
every night and with friends and customers "i don't like to sleep without it"
I smoke daily.. but trying to cut down some.. I love pot.. but man nice to be sober .. so when i do smoke.. i can actually get a really good buzz..

also save more $$ .. i grow.. but could sell what i smoke.. make alot of extra $$ considering my stuff is "killer"
Wow, old thread!

I smoke about 3-4 days a week on average. Sometimes more, sometimes less.
I smoke everyday all day. there might be a few days every 2-3 wekks i dont smoke only cus i run out. But if i dont smoke in the morning then i cant eat for hours and ill just feel like crap untill i do smoke.
im with bubonic...i literally smoke throughout the entire day...might be 2 blunts in a row, i might wait an hour or 2...but i pretty much stay lit...**** the cops:D
I smoke everyday but not until after 6 in the evening, when the days work is done :chuck: I also have difficulty sleeping without it.
all day everyday from my first cup of coffee with a splif right up to my bedtime splif:)
I have never smoked any of that stuff, I dont know what ya'll is talkin about.... and NO you can NOT search... :) for the cop that wants to know, you must have a search warrant first.
me i smoke all day as well from the first wake n bake until i lay my head down blitzed at night

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