Too Much Weed!?

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after seeing the movie homegrown and reading stories i am planning this spring to find a increadable secret grow spot in the woods and plat 10-20 plants...

but then it hit me... if i some how get 8-20 pounds of weed *** AM I GOING TO DO WITH IT!!!...

most people who buy weed in my area dont buy oz.. So 1-2 pounds of weed is way more than i can go threw personly in a year so that leaves let say 18/10 pounds... well maybe ill sell a pound here or there in a year... that leaves 16/8 pounds left.. il give 2 to my good friends.. 14/6 ummmmm wow i have a crap load of weed that i have no clue what to do with... i could do what they do in home grown and sell to the mob but yeah first of all even if i coudl somehow get in touch with the "mob" thats in m area i knnow ill get fucked some how...

so this goes out to people like ganjaguru and others who grow alot of weed..

what do you do with it all...
Theman -

Do you ever watch Wheel of Fortune? Notice how when they decide to spin, even though they know the puzzle, they end up going bankrupt? It's karma -- they let greed win out over the desire to simply solve the puzzle.

Be careful, my man. 18-20 pounds scares me. You could do some serious time if caught.
You could go full time on the corner, but weed isn't where the money's at... tacos and burritos is the money. For weed, I would not go through the 'mob' but find your previous sellers and talk to pushers on the corner, tell them that you will sell to them at a real low cost. They will take it as it costs less money for them and you get rid of your weed, and you make money along the way, of course not as much as you can if you were in a different community.


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LMFAO!! Dopeman, this guy hasn't posted in almost 3 years... I think he got caught selling the pounds... You should have given him this advice 3 years ago!
Crack is back baby!
Or maybe he just grew all that smoke and than decied to to grow for a while... Can't you smoke your ganja after a year or two?? If it's stored properly I believe you can...
Im pretty sure that the rules also state that the discussion of SALES is banned?

Dopeman, dude read the rules, cause I don't wanna see you get banned just cause you didn't know them! :)
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id edit bad language smoke it all


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