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Aug 27, 2005
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hey guys i have a problem i just checked my clones and they look funny the leaves are gone kinda limp they dont look to healthy they all pointing downwards as if they dieing but they all nice and green and the other problem is the stem and the stem bits of the leaf have changed to a red color what the hell is going on with them can any one help me on this
im not to sure i use natural spring water so i assume it would be neutral i get the water from work as i work for a distribution company and we get alot of beverages coming through and just take the ones that we cant use cause the bottle might have a ripped sticker or something like that sp i just take those ones and use them is this ok or should i be checking the ph of the water
do you think that it could be because the pot i have planted them in is too small now for them they are about 12 inches tall now and are in a 500ml size pot plant thingy
A plant 12" tall should be in AT LEAST a 4 litre (1 gal.) planter.

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