Auto's Done Carty's Way

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I wanted to run something in tent #2 that might catch up to what is growing in the bigger tent... so,
Autos it is.

7 - Bubblegum Auto regular seeds
1 - Gorilla Glue Auto feminized seed

Dropped into good water 3 days ago, floated for 24hrs, stirred and all sank. some already cracked at this point showing very fresh seed stock or cared for properly.. Into damp paper towel, into baggie, into my
favorite oven Mit.. 2 days later

So last night I got off my butt and planted them all, had to use Miracle Grow soil as the stores were closed an extra day I guess... very impressed with their soil, kept indoors at Sams Club

I then added a full Teaspoon of Espoma's plant starter plus 4-3-3 with the mychorrizea added..

I mix that in by hand and then water in with a cup of water... top off, water in another cup.
plant seedling, light water in so seedling stem is locked into place and won't sink.. put under light.

In the morning, 4 babies already up because these had germinated so extremely almost all had shucked their shells and were 3" long.
7 Bubblegum Auto 1 GG4 Auto.jpg

Crazy Legs Johnson... who dat. lol. Entertainment was so very different, musicians actually played
instruments, and sang and danced usually. Ever watch a James Brown concert.. that dude could move.
not a wonder he was all jacked up on H.. he had to be do that for almost 2hrs..

People, this STOMP 2 is so beautiful and purpling.. I hate the idea of losing the genetics as this was an
accidental, on purpose, pregnancy getting close up to the Gabagoo female all dusted up.. So, I got
creative last night and got out some Blue Hill Jamaican Pollen and dusted her bottom butt good, see what
I did there... bottom butt good. ah come on.. whatever.. hahaha. I'm so high..

STOMP 2c.jpg
STOMP 2d (2).jpg
STOMP 2.jpg

Thanks, you can see why I want to preserve it so bad eh? Strains that show color like this without it
occurring due to cold gives me happy feet... Jamaican Stomp ? lol
Yes, at that early age to see "black/dark purple" and the amount of trichs is very exciting!!! Happy for you!
How many days in 12/12? I am guessing....25?
I'll have to look, but your close man.. so as you know, 25 plus 6wks for the seed = 67 days, perfect for a 70 days harvest and seeds mature.. hope it comes together.
My guess is 0 ? - Sometimes Carty is on later in the evening. Messing with ya - haha
HaHa Ha.. don't ever stop being your smartarse self... lmao
I guessed 0 because I knew you was big into Autos and of course, the title of the thread. I eventually went back and read through and found that you had to flip a couple because they were being stubborn about budding. My bad.
What I did was start the photo periods in memory of Matt and my Auto tent sits right next to it, so of course I had to run both tents on 12/12 to avoid hermie issues.. so the Autos are all being grown on 12/12 for now.
And, the photo periods are being flipped from the get go, no veg time, started on 12/12. Now I used to do this 15yrs ago with good success.. especially those who triple stretch.

I started 4 photo periods and most are not to big as a result, but one still is doing nice.. fun experiment..
I can see though I need to do one or the other, and throwing an Auto in from time to time.

Luckily I have someone reproducing the Gabagoo again and hoping STOMP 1 looks like her sister plant..
S2 structure is perfect.jpg
S2 colors.jpg

With flash on
S2b (2).jpg
Makes ya want to cry.. dumb me gifts away the few seeds of STOMP thinking it's just another pollen slinging.. then you grow something so beautiful you wish you'd held onto the less then 10 seeds made.
STOMP 2 is my Gabagoo F3 x Sour Stomper by Mephisto Genetics and she is so purple she looks black.
100_0017 (2).JPG
STOMP 2d (2).jpg
100_0023 (2).JPG

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