Auto's Done Carty's Way

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I was searching on another forum today and they were showing Black grows, the purple is so dark it looks BLACK....
Good news... these genetics are being saved by my friend Kabuddha.

I've sent him my Gabagoo Beast Mode seeds and the last few STOMP 2 seeds..

The STOMP 2 is incredible..
Stomp maturing (2).jpg
She smells just as pretty too.. keeps turning darker and darker purple to almost black now.

Great News: Gobstomper is being created this grow by a friend, Kabuddha . He has my Gabagoo
"Beast Mode" seeds and some STOMP 2 seeds just like little miss purple here. By crossing Stomp 2
back to the Gabagoo is should also help stabilize her better. Seeds should be ready for testing around
4mos or so from now.. really excited about this next stage of Gabagoo and the possibility of Gobstomper
being one of the largest autos out there with excellent colors..
Bubblegum pissed me off and I culled 3 stunted plants while 2 look pretty nice.

The Replacements: Walter White, Gorilla Glue, Crazy 8 x Forbidden Fruit and 2 Humboldt OG x Fire OG autos by CSI Humboldt.. all these are feminized seeds so this way I'm guaranteed a harvest..
100_0089 (2).JPG
I just started a Bubblegum auto. It's a candidate for some feminized auto Wedding Glue pollen another grower gave me. I hope it grows as well as Carty's, but sitting in MG soil, probably not...
HA ha... no excuses dude.. this is growing in MG soil with added chunky perlite. I was out of soil and the soil store was closed, so she picked up a big bag of MG soil at Sam's.. I added the extra perlite because it seems to mud up really fast, needed more oxygen to the roots..

And, I think I've been screwed over again, and for the last time, by DrGonzo13 out of Colorado, beware folks.. likeable kid but pathalogical liar and this Non Auto, Auto Bubblegum is from him.. time to shitcan all the others from the guy and move on. Luckly for me he never got around to sending his side of a big trade from 3mos ago... think I'm better off.

Currently in Autos I have a Walter White going and a Gorilla Glue
Walter White Auto b.jpg
I use a lot of perlite in the MG soil as well, and have to add cal-mag to the water even in early veg or deal with rust spots on the leaves. My BG Auto came from the same grower I got that awful Pink Mango Auto from that grew straight up and into my light with just five nodes, Royal King Seeds. This is their last chance for a return customer. Now I have two excuses : )
What's up Crash 2.0 ... hahaha. 2 excuses, love your sense of attitude, welcome to Carty's Crazies.

Boy did I get lucky and arrive at my local Farm Feed & Seed place, the FoxFarm truck was just leaving so soil was fresh.. So Fungus Gnats hopefully haven't laid eggs in it yet.. Bushmaster by FoxFarm..

Up potted into 2gal felt pots last night.. photos soon
Just over a month or longer... when an auto doesn't show sex at a month old or not even showing signs, I tend to believe it's not an auto. Even my biggest Auto, Miss PIggy, shows sex at 3wks..
I think I grabbed the wrong pack of seeds thinking they were Autos.. totally my fault.

she is going to have so many budsites it's unreal. gonna be a fine journey

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