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Broke-n-Tokin Tent Bonger
Feb 6, 2011
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Son of a b/tch! You'll never guess what happened! I get a call from "the business partner" (which is not really the case, no intentions on selling anything I grow) and he says not to call or come by for a few days and he'd come by here and let me know what's going on... So I sat here; 5 minutes go by and the phone rings again! He says there's a patrol car in front of the house and they'd already knocked once. He said "I already ripped everything up and flushed it, what do I do?" I immediately thought to my self- (really? After asking me what would happen if you got busted for the first three weeks; then trying to get me out the fourth week; now the cops are there and you've ripped up the crop?) but I give him the benefit of the doubt and he says he's going out to see what's going on and he'd call me back when everything was clear;or wasn't! An hour goes by and he calls back saying that a second car stopped and it was a DEA agent he happened to know from school.... Came in and saw the lights and the tent and told him that he was coming back in 24 hrs. With a warrant and if they found so much as a rolling paper they would take him to jail! (now I'm really skeptical; a DEA agent from Dirthole USA you just happened to go to school with passed on a bust like that to give you 24 hrs. to clean house? And wasn't taking the equipment?) I'm not upset about the plants; ultimately it's his house, his risk... I had nowhere else to take them so I'd have pulled them had he decided that he didn't want to continue taking that risk... I'll be going over this evening to get the equip. and to see how he acts in person.... But 5 weeks of work and a mountain of deception to avoid being straight forward? That's a bit extreme... So I'm thinking maybe it's true? What do you think???:confused:
I call **. Why were the cops there in the first place? How would they know you were growing? Sounds like he wants you out. A lot of weird stuff going on so its def hard to tell whats true and whats not.
Yeah dude I forgot you mentioned problems with your partner in your journal last week. Definitly sounds like he just doesnt want you growing at his place. I have had this happen to me and it sucks. Have his concerns been with getting busted or is there something else?
If he's already terminated the plants, the cops and/or DEA can't do anything for having a tent and some lights. Seems like the dude is wishy washy and you're probably better off. Still sucks about the plants and all the work put in.
That is a pretty elaborate story. Bummer Gix, you have to be so upset.
Oh I'm devastated! I'm all but sure that dude just got paranoid and trashed 5 weeks worth of work for nothing! It's not even so much the plants; this guy is practically family, I thought we could talk about anything... He could have been honest an told me he didn't want to take the risk anymore and I've had put the outdoors somewhere or something... Even if we had to kill them, I'd know the truth! To cook up this whole mess about the DEA and stuff... We weren't welling anything, didn't even have any buds yet! I haven't told anyone aside from you guys, and I'd imagine with it being his home they're in that he hadn't told anyone either! How would they know!? Either way I'm blaming the system and it's overzealous punishment tactics for the loss; be it a true story or just paranoia getting he best of him! I didn't have anywhere else to take them (and I looked) so I would have most likely lost them anyways, but to lie to me and I'm supposed to be your friend? This guy's like a father to me! I wash my hands of him either way, just to coincidental he asks me about what to do if they show up, and trying to get me to move so "his sister could move in", and now the cops are there? YEAH RIGHT DUDE! I hope you don't think I'm that ignorant; and if you do, what's that say about you doing "business" with someone that ignorant to start with? I guess it's back to the streets for crppy weed that's too expensive! Maybe one day I can either move to a medicinal state, or my state will wake up and realize it's potential as a medicinal entity! :rant: what's done is done I guess...
TheKlonedRanger said:
Seems like the dude is wishy washy and you're probably better off. Still sucks about the plants and all the work put in.
My sentiments exactly... I'm done with this guy! Not just growing either; dealing with anything! Don't call if you need to move, get put in jail, or have a million dollars you want to share; I don't care! I spit on you! If you were on the side of the road on fire, I wouldn't stop to piss on you! UUUGGGHHH!!! I'm so freaking disgusted! He practically raised me, preaching values that he himself doesn't uphold! DISGUSTING!!! All I can say! I think I'm going to be sick!
If you go to get the grow equiptment I would be damn sure to take a way home that I could make sure I was not followed.
not to rub salt in the wound, but if a DEA agent shows at your home, thats FEDERAL.. not local, and unless you two are moving series product, i cant see that happening in a million years, and having a tent an lights means absoultely nothing, Im sorry for your loss, I hope you can get things sorted out possibly at you own place.
I was going to help a friend of my sons set up a grow, nothing major, 1x 400W and I would give him clones.
Anyway, the day before I was meant ot go over, I got the phone call, he had been broken into and it was someone connected with a bit of a gang (they are moronic teenagers who think they know people). If they break in again and see the grow, "the gang" will beat him hp, take everything yadayada yada yada. Sorry, cant tell you any more, fairy tales make me sleepy!!!!

My point is, it could hav ebeen worse, it could have been a full blown 7 weeks into flower!! I see it like finding your new girlfriend has been cheating on you, better a g/f than a wife> It can always be worse so look on the bright side Gix, we all still love ya ;)
*Passes fat beefy*
Thankfully, I have never had to deal with this personaly, but just in my time on this forum I have read of this same encounter at least a dozen times, from a dozen growers/would be growers. Unfortunately, unless your grow is on your property (even in a rental) your "partners" have the ultimate say on wether or not to continue the grow. At any point thier paranoia, fear, or familial relationships can have negative effects on YOUR grow. If you can't grow in your home/appartment you may have to settle for a complete outdoor/guerilla grow. That way you can maintain complete control of all risks you're willing to take, as well as all responsibility.
Best of luck in your next grow.
Hmmmm, checking the rule book. Yep: Rule #1: Tell who? Tell no one.

Seems if you can't grow without telling someone, then you really don't have a place to grow.
the only time a partnership is going to work in this little hobby of ours is if you have a legal medical grow, imo.
Seems we're all breaking rule #1.... :D

I agree with having to have your own place, the risk is most for the person with the grow going on on their property...And as I said, I can understand the guy getting very nervous.
THAT is one of the "perks" of sharing here, it is all done with anonymity ;).. unless "you" are foolish enough to reveal your identity or reveal info' that may contain identifying info'.
Definetly a "perk" as Hick mentioned, when my wife is sick of me talking about growing i can always come here for my fix, i cant talk to anyone else about it, so thankfully this place is here.
I guess I'm lucky to be where I can talk about it to my trusted friends!!!! Most of which are also growing!
Roddy said:
I guess I'm lucky to be where I can talk about it to my trusted friends!!!! Most of which are also growing!

JMO, but i dont do that, i have friends i would trust with anything, but i can sleep better knowing no one knows, they just think i have a good connection.

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