Been a while, starting again, need help

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Mar 3, 2006
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Hi guys, just found this forum. I used to help my uncle grow when I was little, I was pretty good. Now 6 years have passed without any cultivation so I have forgotten alot. I want to start growing a few plants this year and it would be great if you guys could give me a few tips. I live in Italy, not too warm yet, and I have just started with the seeds.
I have a weird little dirt cylinder that when soaked w/ water triples in size. I put 8 seeds on that, placed a glass over it and a little towel and stuck it under my bed. How long should I wait? What should I do?

whats up iole.:) welcome to the family. i think what you are talking about are pete pellets that you put your seeds in. you should put 1 seed in each pellet. do you have 8 of them? if not do you have a plastic container with a lid that will seal it nice and tight? this is how i germinate and i have never lost a seed. i put them in a wet paper towel then put them in a container with a lid that seals nice and tight so no air gets in. i then wrap a towel around the containers and place them next to my heater. not to close but close enough to keep them warm. this works for me everytime. it can take anywhere for 2 days to a week for your seeds to sprout. once they sprout put the little suckers in the ground with the tap root down and the seed head up. then cover and let it grow. what kind of lights do you have? what is your grow space? you should start a grow journal and put all your questions and progress in there. hope this was some help.
THanks for the input. My growing space is very tiny and for lights I have the sun(I have a balcony), a little desktop lamp (pretty intense) for the beginning, and then my ceiling lamp has 3 halogens that I can move around, I was going to put aluminum foil in a corner and point all the lights there. Cant really invest any money so Im kinda just hoping for the best here. The seed pellet thing had a tiny little instructions thingy and said it could take 6 seeds, so I put a bunch, I`ll remove them as soon as the root popos out.
Will I be able to get atleast one plant to live in these poor conditions?
halogens aren't what you're looking for. i don't know that a desk lamp will work well either.
Mind if I jump in just for a sec.

Halogens wrong spectrum they'll only cook your plants with heat.
Incadescent light bulbs do absoultely nothing (even if its 100 watts) plants reflect to much of that light spectrum.
If you want cheap go to hardware store and get (2) 30Watt compact spiral florous (cool white less heat) for about 8 bucks. get a fixture and a dual socket adapter (10 bucks). Also get a cheap fan for a breeze over the plant. you could grow (1) female through. your yeild won't be good and the buds will be fluffy but, you got weed and your first grow.
Those dirt cylinders are Jiffy Peat pots. alright for startin seeds. you only want one per cylinder not 8. remember when startin seeds one seed per pot. good practice is to germinate your seeds in water or a wet paper towel in a dark place. then you know which ones will grow.
Get a pot with regular potting soil. Not miracle grow potting soil. regular ole dirt. No fertilizer the first 2 weeks.
In my sig. is some great info. Check out the grow guide first.
Hope I helped.
One of the seeds just popped out a little root, is it time to put it in its own little pot??
Thanks for all the help guys.

It looks like the plants will be growing in the balcony, so no lights necessary.
whats up iole. glad to here you got a seed to pop. get yourself some dirt and put that little sucker in the ground. put your finger about a inch into the soil and drop in your seedling. be sure that the tap root is down and the seed head is up, water and set in the sun.
AWSOME!! Two of the seedling popped out of the dirt, one is about 1" tall, nice and straight, the other is about 1/2" and still curled up a bit...the other two are still buried. They are outside with a full view of the sun with a little breeze. I water them once a day, should I start adding fertilizers and crap to them? Do they need more light?
welcom new comer,we look forward ,to helping you ,on your grow,go to, grow journals and start ,a new thread,so you can ,create ,your own grow journal

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