dealing with "leggy" seedlings

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Apr 18, 2008
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I have another 2 weeks before I'm going to put my girls outdoors. The problem is that i have them in big styrofoam cups, and they are getting leggy and pot-bound.

For the sake of transporting them to my plot, I definitely want to keep them in the small pots, even if they are overgrown.

Can you burry the plants deeper than they were in the pots? When I grow tomatos, I actually burry the stalk all the way up to the first set of leaves and then the whole stalk sprouts leaves. Does it work that way with herb?
Yes, thats exactly what you need to do.

burying the stock or trunk is a common practice with MJ.
Thanks! I was hoping that would work--it would also help me to shave about 6" off of the initial height of things, making them a bit easier to hide.
yea.. anything that U plant underground will grow roots.. go for it
Good deal--I think this is going to work out well

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