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Cinderella99 #2
50days 12/12

Definitely my favorite plant. Sativa leaning side of Cindy. Not sure how long on this girl but so sometimes in May.
I second it. Maybe clone one and make it seed itself? Definitely a good looking plant. My 2nd grow I wish like hell I'd cloned a couple of branches.
I really dunno what I'll do with them. Ive got plenty of time to come up with something. The Cornbread clone has unfolded and starting to stack up. I hope these don't blow up on
51days 12/12

She's a frosty thing but I'm not seeing bud development compared to others. I'm hoping these buds pick up the pace a bit. They are not developing like the others. I guess I just expected more. Oh well, maybe they will plump up a little thicker by the end.

Playing around with some video. This Durban Poison is stealing the show.


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Today it's coffee and loaded chocolate chip cookies. I didn't learn my lesson yesterday. So I ate a bigger cookie today. Someday id like to learn how to figure out per mg of cannabis on backed goods. Usually when I make a batch of butter it's a sample and see thing. Sometimes that sample can wreck Would be nice to be able to even that out a little and control the dose better.

Still in love with the ghee butter cannabis combination. So much better.
I use infused coconut oil when I do cookies. If I replace the butter in a recipe with coconut oil, they come out too strong, so I replace half the butter and get a more moderate strength and better tasting. Mixing in the coco oil well should distribute the buzz pretty well and the cookies taste better. I'd like to get about 25-30mg of thc in each one as that's my preferred gummy dose.

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