Guess the weight!

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Don’t eat that pancake.
Jul 18, 2009
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Guess the weight of the nug after it is has been trimmed, dried, and cured.

Biggest top of a SFV OG in week; 9 ready to cut. Answer in a week!

lol comon at least guess. Im saying 25grams
i did i did ....

v35b ur way under guessing! ;)this is my biggest solid nug to date :hubba:
with no reference to size, i'm going 13.5g
Do we win the nug if we get it right? :D

26 grams I say, I will be optimistic ;)
You win 1009 Epoints and an internet grower of the year award. Plus winner chooses that i either dance like a chicken around a sombrero while chanting mP.Com 4lyfe like a drunken oompa loompa; or, a years supply of grade A mojo cream :hubba:

*entries must be within .2 grams
and every player gets a naked pic of hick sent to PM :hubba:
I'm out....... lmao

Nice bud! My biggest so far was 1oz dry, so I'm going to say 27gr
OGKushman said:
and every player gets a naked pic of hick sent to PM :hubba:

im saying 18g aswell but thats only if it bone dry it could be annyway from 15g to 35g depending on how you like it
how do you like it OG ?
We need some perspetive in the picture or there is no way to tell.

Might be zoomed in on a popcorn bud.
Hey kushman, I'm going to go with 19.4 grams.....and my answer is the correct one IF you let me dry out that bud. I guarantee I will get it to 19.4 grams :)


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