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LA Kush seedling


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One of the UNK strain seeds finally popped and going to put it in the dirt in the morning. The Gloss Boss still has not popped yet. The Sleepy Joe OG is dry enough now, and is in an oven bag to cure (buds are too big for the ceramic jar). I love the process of watching a seed grow into a nice pile of buds for smoking pleasure!
Almost bedtime, so I twisted up a joint of the shake from the Sleepy Joe OG...

Has kinda a fruity/nutty flavor and it got me nice and toasted. So I am really looking forward to smoking the cured buds in about two weeks or so. They smell terrific and are very sticky.
The Apple Sundae is about done stretching and is starting to form buds. I lowered the lights a bit, to hopefully make the buds plump up more so. I have it on a pulley system, to raise it as it fills out - or if it starts to burn the leaves.
Hand trimmed the Sleepy Joe OG buds so they can fit into the ceramic jar to finish curing. They are smelling sweet - gonna have some awesome buds for the Superbowl party!

Pic of my curing jar full of pot sitting on the pot, lol 😁


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Found more pot on the pot, lol 😆 This bud weighs 12 g. The jar has 24 g and I have about 8 g of shake in a Ziploc. 44 g total for a about an ounce and a half of potent indica dominant hybrid 80/20. Will say it is probably about 30% THC, but no way to test it (other than human trials, bahaha!) 😎


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F'n back pain woke me up, so I twisted up a joint of the Sleepy Joe OG from the ceramic jar. It has been curing for ten days now, and has a perfect moisture content. Has a fruity/nutty taste, and it knocked the pain out right away! Felt good enough to go to the kitchen and raid the refrigerator! 😛 Now it's time to finish the other half of that joint, watch the newest episode of Gold Rush and try to get back to sleep
Well, the Chiefs won the Superbowl (while smoking several bowls, lol)! Lots of fireworks were being shot off in my neck of the woods, just outside of KC. Got a bit of food in my belly, so now I am smoking a joint to relax before I head to bed. YAY, Chiefs!!

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