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Having issues with seed germination. Could be that it's not warm enough where I have them set up, but it's where I always put them. More likely the seeds are not viable to begin with, since they are mostly UNK strains (bag weed) I am working with right now. Need to order some new ones, but haven't decided upon which particular strain to try yet. Possibly Godfather OG
So I have noticed that the Sleepy Joe OG buds have different potency, between the popcorn buds and the main cola bud. This evening I pinched a jag from the 14 g main bud, and let me tell you what - I got toasted from half a joint. It had my ears ringing and my body singing 🤣
I have a black cat named Binx, and he likes to eat fresh fan leaves from my plants. He is 10 years old and I am sure it helps with his arthritis. Now when I go into the garage to my growing area, he follows behind me - hoping to get some of that stuff, lol. 🤣 He also stands by the garage door and howls because he wants more... I have created a monster!
Is that why my cat eats the lower fan leaves? He came home one day missing 2 toes. We disinfected it and bandaged it really well for about a week.( He was on lockdown for that week and did not like it.) Ever since then he has been eating my lower fan leaves. It has healed nicely. He comes in the house every morning. His name is DaMarcus. My granddaughter named him… lol
Necessity is the mother of all inventions!!

Needed more grow area, so I whipped out my duct tape and some cardboard boxes and fixed up a new grow box (You might be a redneck if...). It has twice the capacity of the Incubator, so working on filling it up.

Got a new seed that popped, so I stuck it in the dirt in a coffee container (maybe it will make it have more of a lifting buzz, lol 😂). So, that's what I have been doing while smoking all of that Sleepy Joe OG


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I don't have any pictures right now, but I plan on getting a couple of shots of the tent soon - right before the lights go on, and use the flash so we can see true colors. They are in week 4 and rockin' it - the Apple Sundae is looking tight, and the Sleepy Joe OG is plumping up nicely
So, I have been hitting the ceramic jar pretty steadily and looked a little deeper..to my delight, it has lots of kief and underneath the shake! Were talking tons of the dusty stuff in the bottom of the jar, full of crystals that fell from the bud. It is wonderful to pack a glass bowl with buds, topped with a scoop of kief
New seedling, not sure but think it is one of the four Gloss Boss seeds that a friend gave to me. Otherwise, UNK 2 😁


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So, from left to right: Gloss Boss, UNK 1, UNK 1 and LA Kush. I think the second UNK 1 is a male, since it sprouted the same time as the first one - which have 5/6 nodes each, but the second one has grown twice the height as the first one. Time will tell, it and the LA Kush will be heading to the tent pretty soon


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