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My secret garden, hiding in plain sight 😎


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So, both of the Sleepy Joe OG seeds (from my last harvest) have popped and going to put them in the dirt tomorrow. I made some new milk jug pots and wrapped duct tape around them to keep light away from the roots.

I really hope they are feminized seeds - they are from a plant that grew from a feminized seed, and will keep everyone updated.
Got the two Sleepy Joe OG seeds in the dirt and waiting for them to sprout.

The LA Kush and Gloss Boss are still in early seedling stage. And, the remaining UNK 1 is steadily growing and will be ready for the tent in a week or so.

There a four in the tent right now - two finishing up week 6 and two being sexed. I think the UNK 1 might be a male, but is not indicating yet. It grew faster and taller than the others - in classic male fashion. The LA Kush was growing much tighter and at an even rate. I want to keep adding them at different intervals, and eventually have a steady flow of plants budding at all times.
The ceramic jar of Sleepy Joe OG has run dry, so I picked up some GG#4 from a friend - which should hold me while I wait for my friend in Oklahoma to roll through.

I still have a couple of weeks until the Apple Sundae is ready to harvest and the Sleepy Joe OG will be right behind her. Then comes the dry and cure, and the wait...

Finally, the best part - consuming some kick ass finely-crafted cannabis!
Two seedlings of Sleepy Joe OG - these were from the last harvest and hoping they are feminized


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Thinking about harvesting the Apple Sundae today. She is looking very tasty, and has nice red hairs over 3/4 of the way up

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