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Aero Lord
Jul 17, 2006
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So, I've been growing for awhile now, always hydro. I've always been buying my clones in rockwool cubes and putting them right onto my hydro tables. Basically I thought I would take a break and make some mothers so I don't need to worry about it.
For this grow I decided I'd try it the way all of my friends do it ourdoors... in the dirt. That, combined with some heat issues which I've just got fixed up makes for an interesting grow.
I flipped the lights over to 12/12 around 5 days ago. My friend I got most of these plants from says should take 55 days or so.

The setup consists of 1000w hps / miracle grow for a bit :( advanced nutrients and dirt. Total area is 24x8 just under half is kept for the mothers and cloning area, the other for flowering. Consists of Skunk#1 clones, White Widow, White Rhyno and one Ice. I will get more pics tonite when the light snaps back on. It shut off on me this morning when I planned on taking a bunch of pics.

Here is one for now:
6 days into flowering.. some signs showing. Weeded out the males from the few seed plants I have and took the ones I wanted for mother plants out of the room. How comes the nicest plants always seem to be the males?
Here are a few pics showing some LST. First time I've tried it... looks to be amazing results.. in a few hours the plant will turn its tops back towards the light. Each plant done has over 10 nice tops now.


And a closeup

I'll give more updates when there are times worthy of some pics or if ppl wanna see more! This grow should be done right around Sept 10th
Today have a few lil flowers showing.


Can't wait to get this ground grow done. I dont like it :(. Got those damned lil spots showing again. On some of the leaves. They don't show up with any pattern. Just random leaves and spots.
Whats up KADE. How strong nutes are you giving them? Maybe that is causing your leaf problem. I myself use MG soil but found that you have to be very careful using nutes with it. I don't use any during veg but use Fox Farm Big Bloom during flower. It says to use 4 tlb per gallon of water i only use 1/4 tsp per gallon and boost it up some a few weeks later. Just a thought. :D Also did you check for bugs? Anyway your grow is looking great. ;)
Yeah grunt... I just ran outta my Advanced and my mom had some MG w/ micro.. I might of used it like.... I dunno 8 times maybe over a month n a half or so... I read all the horror stories online about it... so I went very easy. I thought it might of been bugs too... because of the spots. I'm not sure. They get the spots... it looks healable... then all of a sudden the leaf curls up n falls off. Lemme take a pic.. I'll post it in a few.
Well I was out to my local hydro shop today. The guy there mentioned a few specific nutes I might be missing. He mentioned sulfur might be one of them. Picked up a few things. Some Monster Bloom and some DNF 2 part bloom. I'm gonna test out a lil foliar feeding tomorrow when I get up and see if that'll bring these around. If not I can get a micro/macro nute powder from the guy soon enough.

Also, Grunt. There are no bugs in that room whatsoever. Once in a blue moon I have some of those white/black jumping spiders around.. but they hunt bugs.
Whats up KADE. I hope that you figure out whats going on before it gets any worse on ya. Glad to here the only bugs ya have are spiders. :D I'm very suprised that noone else has replied to your thread. Sometimes things can get real busy around here and threads get missed but by no means are you being ignored. Just thought i would let you know.
Just a guess...it appears to be effecting only the older leaves. Possibly salts buildup??
Potassium – K deficiency is serious. It starts as yellowing patches that turn brown, then die and slowly consume the leaf. If the Ammonium, Calcium or Sodium (salt) levels raise too high, Potassium will be locked out. If the temperature drops below 50 degrees F, P can be locked out and it shows itself as the “purpling” of the bud tips and possibly leaves. Salts are sometimes (Sodium Bicarbonate) used to raise the pH level of a solution and this can lead to a K lock.
Yeah he mentioned potassium too. But that was in the nutes I was giving until I ran out a lil while ago. Only one way to find out I'll spot test a couple branches I guess. I flushed them not too long ago when I saw a lil salt buildup. Perhaps I'll give em another. I haven't been in the room for a day now. I'm goin up in a few minutes to see how things are. Perhaps some more pics depending on the situation.
I foliar fed a bunch of them to see if there was any noticeable difference. They seemed to like it.. also started feeding the DNR 2 part... looks like they love it. I'm 99% sure I found my first hermie tonite tho. I'll snap a pic tomorrow n see what you guys think. I took it outta the flower room tho.. just incase. Weird ass lookin thing tho. I've noticed tonite also, that the WW are the ones that are doing the worst, have those colored leaves and whatnot. I called the guy I got em from tonite and gave him a good chew out and found out some info. They came from outside for one and are from seed. So that explains the hermie? and males. Perhaps something he fed they didn't like, or maybe some slow release soil or whatever. It had a extremely soaked rootball when I transplanted them. This problem might be from something else now it seems. I separated them so they would not touch any of my skunk or ice. If a leaf touches another it seems to spread to the next one. Every ''infected'' leaf I saw I basically took off the plants. See if I can handle this problem. My ph meter went down tonite of course too... isn't that nice.. so I gotta get another one. I'll post some pics on tomorrows update.
whats your pH? do you check your levels before watering and feeding and adjust? looks like maybe some fluctuation problems
Yeah my ph meter is broken right now. So hell knows. I'm gonna see about gettin one asap.. I have a hectic schedule lately and my local ''shop'' is an hour drive 2 ways. I'll check the local exotic pet store... they might have something actually.
Last time i checked it was 6.5 that is about right for dirt, am i correct?
KADE said:
Last time i checked it was 6.5 that is about right for dirt, am i correct?
I think it's between 6.5 and 6.8 something like that. There is a chart in one of the threads on here somewhere.
Yeah, you got it right. Well I REALLY think the whole ph thing might be the problem now. I separated the ''infected'' plants and didn't really help from what I can see. My mothers have a few lil marks showing too. I'm gonna have to find a bloody meter asap I guess. Oh well, a few more pics.


What you guys think.... Hermie? Some ugly plant. Looks like Male pods w/ hair everywhere. This progress happened over 2 nites too.

I looked at it quick.. thought.. hell.. those buds are growin some fast... took a close look n was like ***. It was one of those WW too. I got 7.. and i think maybe 4 are left not showing ne male parts.
Yeah not the nicest lookin chick. There are a few of them around here at the bars too.
damn hermies like to show their ugly heads everywhere eh? :rolleyes: ;)

back to your pH...

yeah in soil...6.4/6.5 is good ...the husband and myself did have one crop of C99 that went pH funky on us...and we pH always with a digital meter

ladies taken formt he same mum next run around though didn't show the pH issues and the pH was always 6.4 (both grows)

could just be a finnikey plant...but the update pics with the curled teeth on your leaves is pH lockout
My green light burned out on me too.. my lights are on overnite lmao... so I gotta get that... then a ph meter... hopefully tomorrow. (you are right.. nothin better then a digi meter. long gone are the days of litmus)

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