lowrider HELP!!!!!!!!!

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The haze one

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Sep 5, 2005
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so heres the problem, Im growing my plants and i figure out that the chart/scale ive been using to determine the proper amounts of General Hydroponics Flora Micro,Grow,and Bloom is wrong. So i was wondering if ne one has a proven amount or something? Im gettin a ppm tester tommorow. Im really alarmed cuz my plants have yellow starting to develop on the leaves and one plant is lime green, while all the others are dark green......???

i think somethin is up with them does any one have a clue ????
cuz i shure dont. this is my first grow and im definately new
plz someone help me save my babies!!!!!
I only use Fox Farms stuff. You never have to adjust the PH. It's great stuff. As far as the plant turning yellow, that sounds like a nitrogen deficiency. The lime green one, keep an eye on her. She might be that color by genetics. If the leaves start turning yellow and drying up, it's the nitrogen which would lead me to believe you need more grow stuff in there. It might sound crazy, but I get a couple of prenatal vitamins, peel off the coating, crush them, then dissolve the powder in water and add it to my hydro system. It hasn't failed me yet.
A few people have given me some suggestions, and with all the information i've attempted to asimulate, i've only come to these conclusions everyone uses differnt nutes and has a differnt system, ppm counts range from 900 to 1400??? whuts that all about? im includin some pictures of my babies. Some one please help!!












I'm growing lowryders at the moment.Mine are going to finish up next week.The first thing i would do is flush your plants and when you start using nutes start off real slow and gradually increase the ferts.I did mine in soil with organics but i didn't use much fert until they were 3 weeks and then i kept it down and just watched my plants tell me.Your better off with light nutes than too many.Hope this helps.
i must be brain dead or somethin but that still doesnt help me .... i wanna know why are there yellow spots, and how i should mix my nutes as in ppm levels? or does it really matter? i dont get this stuff...? like ive said this is my first grow and i need help ......
I have been editing this thing like ten times to make it easier to understand. Which now I am not sure I do anymore. LOL

ppm counts range from 900 to 1400??? whuts that all about?
Plants need different ratios of nutes during its growth cycle.
Also each meter is different in how it measures. so you will have numbers all over the place depending on the meter and if the owner has colibrated it correctly. (from what I read the Blue Labs Truncheon) is one of the best, no calibrating and crap.

OK I found this on another site:

"Allrighty then here it is the GH feeding program that has been
worked out to exact measurements..its perfect for all newbies wanting to use GH ferts ...... Al measurments are per 1 Us Gallon(3.785L) of water..

mL/1Us Gallon (3.785L)
Plant phase
............................| Hrs Light | Micro | Gro | Bloom |
Clone:..................|18-22 on | 2.5ml | 2.5ml | 2.5ml |
200-400 PPm
7-10 days
Veg:....................|18-22 on | 7.5ml |12.5ml | 2.5ml |
800-1000 PPm
3-5 Weeks
Flower:..................|12-13 on | 7.5ml | 5.0ml | 15ml |
1000-1400 PPm
4 Weeks
Late flower:...........|12-13 on | 10ml | 0ml | 15ml |
1000- 1400 PPm
3-4 Weeks
Flush:.....................|12-13 on | 0ml | 0ml | 0ml |
0-0 PPm
7-10 days"

To use this fert you almost need a ppm meter. It is PH buffered so it is unlikely that PH is your problem, it can be...but more than likely your PPM is to high from your description.

it's the nitrogen which would lead me to believe you need more grow stuff in there

The yellow one is probably from lack of N, but if you PH is off then N will get locked out. So the nutrient is there, the plant can't absorb it. So increasing the fert will only make you PH problem worse, if it is a PH problem. Again need a PH test to know for sure.

Your best bet (without spending 100 bucks on a decent PPM meter) go get a single mix hydro fert like Dyna grow or fox farms. Flush out your system and replace with an easier to use fert for a first time. They have everyhting premixed. This GH is pretty complicated to get the mix right. I just read about 10 pages more than I wanted to find this for you. I use Dyna-grow and Dyna-bloom on my non-mj. (I am soil right at the moment on MJ until my next grow).

Invest in a PH tester. Before you buy anything else. That little bugger can tell you a lot about what is wrong.

Last thing. Is you medium staying moist enough at the roots with nute solution?

Sorry for the long post. At least find out your PH. I hope this helps a little.
im GOING TO THE hydro store right now to get a ppm tester as well as a ph tester...... i dont really care bout the money in the end i will hopefully be self sufficent and it will even out sooner or later. im going to stick with GH nutes cuz i already got them ..... thanks a lot Mutt for going above and beyond for me

STAy high and take er ezzz
the haze one
I jus got back from the hydro store i got a Hanna ph pen and a blue lab truncheon...... and ph was difinatley a problem it was at 6.2 it should be at 5.2-5.5 and also the ppm was 1800 way to much everythin was loopy hopefully i can fix all this stuff and my babies will get back to normal

thanks, once agian, Mutt for ur help

regards the Haze one
Well, give me a little bit. I'll see what I can dig up for PH down and PPM managment. I'll edit this one. Hey, I am learning tons on this too. I need to brush up on ferts anyway. I thank you for putting up with me.

Stoney you can jump in any time.

Stoney bud is using the same ferts as you I think. I am tired and can't go on. I have read 35 pages of material without a conclusive answer other than the meter readings will have you in the ball park. PH first then PPM second. always check you solution before applying. remember if PH isn't right then nutes get locked out. adding nutes make things get worse in this scenerio.
Don't use aquarium PH up or down. They are made of the wrong stuff. use only Hydroponic PH up or down.

As I find stuff I'll PM it to you dude. I grow basil, tomatos, hot peppers and other stuff in a homeade bubbler. I know it isn't as complicated as I have just read, but there is a ton of very confusing info out there. I am stopping now as what I just read put me way out of the league. I feel like a kindergartner that just went througha math class w/ albert einstien as a teacher.

I am glad I helped a little for you Haze. but I know when I can't help any more. Good luck and watch that PH.
yeah like i said man thanks a lot you have saved my plants, and i can continue on with my day in peace. I did purchase hydro ph down when i was at the grow store ..... and i also did adjust temp. and ph before i added my nutes...... then when i added my nutes it droped the ph by 0.2 the ppm level is 1200 which is optimal for veg. the ph is 5.3... i was told ph 5.2 is optimal and also the temp of the water is now 24 degrees Celsius or 68-69 degrees farienhight

thanks a lot,
the HAZE 1
Hahaha another newbie problem my ph keeps going all over the place.... its starting to get annoying.... ive had to change the water twice now.... ne ways heres whut im doing .... i get my gallon of water let it sit for 8 hrs and then i adjust the ph from 7.1 down to 5.9 then i add nutes which then drops the ph down to 5.7

then i add the water to my resivoir and then when i check it in another 8hrs it has gone up to 6.6 then i drop it back down buy mixing hydroponic ph down right into the resivoir....... i got it to 5.5 ...... and then 8hrs later agian its gone down to 4.4ph and i dont have ph up so i have to start all over agian...... im not going to do anything else untill i get some advice from someone...... so they r still at ph 4.4
when the water recycles in the hydrosetup doesnt that make the ph do something??? maybe im wrong
Bubonic Chronic said:
when the water recycles in the hydrosetup doesnt that make the ph do something??? maybe im wrong
The ph of water doesn't change unless something comes in contact with it that alters the ph.

What you're probably thinking of is when new media is used in a hydro unit, the ph of the water will be affected by the residual matter on the media and in the pores of the media. This should be adjusted and the water cycled until no more changes occur. Do this before you introduce any plants to the system. Commonly, it's known as pre-flushing.
Well you need to bring the ph back up. Even if it is hard to keep it there try. It is the Key to good Plant growth, size, and yield. What dose your reservoir look like? If it is building mold or any kind of bacteria, that will throw it off. Plus light and heat will break the nutes down changing the ph. I was told buy the clerk at the hydro store the quality of the PH adjusters will also play a roll in how long the reservoir stays balanced, buy he could have just been try to get more money out of me. It work and I only have to change mine when I am adding stuff or every two weeks when I change the water.
well the resivoirs are jus open tuperware containers .... its passive hydroponics so there is no water reciculation....... there is no mold growin or ne algae i guess its because the resivoirs are open and are gettin hit with 3 floros and one 400watt hps

to bring the ph up i jus added tap water that wasnt ph adjusted.... so it was 7ph
so i brought it up from 4.3 to 5.3ph

also then the pots and hydroton i've used could be messin with the ph balance?

i guess im jus supposed to keep an eye on it and adjust it everyday?

thanks agian for everyones help
I always thought the nutrient supply was to remain in total darkness. I thought light promoted algae growth? I could very easily be wrong though.
The haze one said:
well the resivoirs are jus open tuperware containers .... its passive hydroponics so there is no water reciculation....... there is no mold growin or ne algae i guess its because the resivoirs are open and are gettin hit with 3 floros and one 400watt hps
It's interesting to me that you've had no algae growth. Possibly it's because of either chlorinated water or an additive in your nutrients.

If plain water is used with fertilizer, it will grow algae within a very short time if exposed to light.

It's truly best of you keep light from your nutrient. It will become a much better controlled grow.
Yeah i dont really know how to go about covering the containers so that they r light proof..... but i am going to put the plants into a differnt system as soon as i sex them .... which will be the end of this week hopefully.... maybe there has been no algea growth because i havent let the water sit for more then 4 days at a time ?

so im not really shure on how to solve this problem untill i move the plants into the next set up .....

i was thinking of using the plastic i used to wrap my closet with to cover the tupperware container and then poke holes in it where the pots will go ??? i would jus cut holes in the lids of the containers but when i bought them i didnt grab lids cuz they were sold seperately ......

ne ideas to help fix this newbie mistake?

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