My first grow with more than 1 plant!V.I.S.C. Vertigo (Blackberry x F'ing incredible)

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PartyBro420 said:
OK! Here's a couple new pictures! got the camera all charged up and loaded them up!

Here in the valley we like to say, the proofs in the pudding, your plants are great looking, and whatever your doing the plants are loving it, it appears to be a mostly indica grow, them colas look so fresh and clean, I saw you mentioned we live close together, I see you have had some problems with the PM, me too, our humidity around here , even my outside plants Rhyody's etc. get the PM!!! Good luck to you, I've found that my trainwreck does not get PM, real mold resistant!! great sweet buds!! easy grow!!
Thanks Skagit! Yea we're not too far away from one another. Just opposite sides of the border haha.

I've been happy this grow about there not being any PM, but I sterilized the space as best I could in between the last time i had one growing and this round.

One of them looks like it should be ready to chop in a few days, the other 2 look like they could use about another 5-7 each. Exciting time now! I'll get some more pictures up in the next couple of days when I chop the first one.

Here's the link to the company I got my seeds from. This is the actual strains page, it's got a nice picture of some finished product when grown in ideal conditions as well.
I have a question in regards to drying and curing. I went through the section on harvesting drying and curing, but I still couldn't make my mind up for myself so I thought I'd ask.

The space I have for drying gives me 2 options.

I can dry in a cabinet, out of the way in the dark in a nice dry area near the burner for my heating system. It stays about 20-22 degrees celcius in the cabinet but there is no way to circulate any air in it short of cutting a hole in it but it would bring the temperature down some. It's also quite narrow, but might be tall enough to hang in 2 rows. It will be very packed if I do that though.

Alternatively, I can hang them in the open space outside the furnace, I can keep it dark, but not as dark as the cabinet. There's a shaded window about 5 meters away that lets in a moderate amount of ambient light during the day. It's about the same temp as the cabinet but open and air is easily circulated. Depending how far apart I hang them, or how much there is, they might get in the way if I walk through the space.

The space/hallway connects my upstairs and downstairs from the inside. The cabinet is in the same space. There is a doorway in between the window and the drying area but there is no door in the frame. I can hang something in the doorway to block light though.

If you were me what would you do? I can post pictures if necessary, but the dimensions of the cabinet are:

top compartment - W= 1.5ft H= 2ft D= 1.5ft
Main compartment - W= 1.5ft H= 5ft D= 1.5ft

I could hang one full plant guarenteed in the main compartment, If I trim it a bunch before putting them in I could probably hang 2 full plants in the cabinet, but then I still have one more to hang. If I cut them all up a bit more and hang them in 2 levels, they should all 3 fit in the main cabinet but it'll be pretty full I think.
I would hang them in the open space outside the furnace. You do not need complete darkness (like when flowering) for drying and curing. You need air circulation to dry properly.
Ok guys and gals! Today was the first day of my harvest, I felt that one of my three plants was ready to give thanks to and chop for drying.

I went and picked up a 10x magnifier lens and it fits beautifully on my camera so i took some nice pictures :D I've got about 10-12 so Here We Go!

Picture 2 is a close up shot of the first picture.
Picture 3 is just a nice close up shot that I liked.
Picture 5 is a close up shot of the fourth picture.

This is the first of the 3 I had, and this is was the second fullest. I'm giving the tallest one a couple more days, maybe until wednesday. the third still looks like it could use another week.

They're so pretty, I'm so proud of my girls :D











Just chopped the second girl today, after inspecting every bud with the microscope, about 85% the trichs were cloudy. Didn't take as many pictures of this one. It's not as colourful, but it's definitely more bountiful. I'll post the couple I took in a little bit when I upload them
Budders Keeper said:
Nice job PB! Looks like you'll be enjoying some in about a week.
Thanks Budders! I hope so! I've got a nice rubber sealed glass jar to cure it in too, so It'll be a little longer than a week but I'm patiently looking forward to a delicious session. Since I have 3 plants I'm going to take the colas of each and smoke them in different ways. One I'm going to vape, one I'll roll into joints, and the other I'll bong!
It smells so sweet hanging there. Now I've got a box full of trim to cook up!
PartyBro420, any grow that you get to smoke some dank at the end of is a good grow to me... ermm i missed whats the strainage?? Looks like some nice Afghaniz to me... good job... if i dont lift toilet seat or flush i never hear the end of it...

The strain is Vertigo, a cross of blackberry and f'ing incredible from the Vancouver Island Seed Company. Thanks for the reply :D This grow was good to me, All done with what it produced now, and onto my next project!
PartyBro420 said:
The strain is Vertigo, a cross of blackberry and f'ing incredible from the Vancouver Island Seed Company. Thanks for the reply :D This grow was good to me, All done with what it produced now, and onto my next project!

errrmmm i just saw the name of the thread... :eek: great job...:icon_smile:
haha, i'm surprised people are still posting on this thread! it's been finished a while now :p thanks though ruff!

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