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Hey everyone, I just moved to a new city and started smoking weed. I don't have much friends in here and don't know where to get some. What r places where it is the easiest to find some marijuana? How does the sale usually go? to be carefull? Thanks... by the way I'm in Seattle, close to University of Washington.
Buying weed in a strange city from strangers is way too risky in my books. Sounds like a good way to get busted. Order some seeds from the doc chronic and grow in your closet. It only takes around 3 mo. start to finish.
ok so it depends are u still in school? cause if u are listen to the gossip and shit and see who does it then just go up and find some hook ups. be suddle about it tho. also just go to some parties and shit they have sells there all the time. just dont waste ur money on cheap shit :eek:
you should go to:

buy some seeds and grow them yourself, that way you can try different strains of it and you dont have to worry about getting caught or anything like that

average flowering time avereges out at 8-9 weeks for most strains

good luck
Is it safe to order from that site if you live in the US? (California)
Iv yet to order seeds of the internet I just grow some good good bag seed It does the trick
sometimes its just being at the right place at the right time....try socailizing at local taverns or depending your age go to a party or 2 :) ps dont b pushy or nosy it will come 2 u ;)
well for the usual its like 15 a gram and 25 dollars a half eighth. if your in school it should be really easy to find, i smoke in the parking lot at my school none of the kids care
whoever the hell u buy ur shit from is rippin u off big time! an 1/8 is 25 at the most and a gram is 5 bucks at most. Even in southern California where u are.
yeah where I live a gram of some cron is 10 to 15 dollers depends but the stuff Is really good I hate buying it Ijust grow some awsome midds
Socal, at those prices it should be real easy to find - and here I thought $200/oz was bad...jeez
200 an O is a lot I used to get an o of cron for150
Cincy, cron = chronic?

JnB, where are you located? Just curious..thanks.

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