Panama Red Photo

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Ya may find a rocket ship in there. The central American strains can pack some jet fuel.

Damn I wish you were my neighbor.
Jet fuel will go into edibles for sleep and pain reduction. I like good taste, but I make salve and edibles. It will get used in something. I also help s few retired vets out as well.
No jet fuel very smooth last week when I was inspecting the plants and looking for bugs, I broke a branch they were pretty close so I snipped the entire branch. These were lollipopped so no lower buds. Where it broke there was only one bud below the broken area. That is why I snipped the whole branch. I dried it several days. Tried it Friday very nice smoke, very smooth. No choking or coughing. The high is very nice head high. I was full of energy. It lasted about 4 hours. I will have to get more of these beans. Only next time I will be growing the bootleg version. It is called rocky mountain red. Panama red X skunk 1. I gave 2 of these 10 packs away already. Interesting cross. Tomorrow I put out the pineapple skunk waiting on deck. 4 layers of honking buds. Yay!

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