Stoked on my first grow!

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May 18, 2011
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3 out of 4 of my girls are showing pistils for a few days now. Last one did today. Really excited how things are going despite the pain in the butt early flower on the wonky palm tree looking GDP. Anyhow, my GJ doesn't really get looked at, but I was really excited to post how they are looking now adays. Stoked for the next couple months. :fly:

Left to right: Sweet Tooth, GDP, OG kush, and Lemon OG.

Looking very very nice and healthy. They should give you good smoke my friend.

Green Mojo to ya :D
Thanks! As you can see, they're in 5 gal buckets I just drilled drain holes in. From soil to top tips left to right they measure 52", 31", 36", and 35". Being my first grow, I'm not too sure how much more growth to expect through flower, but I'm pretty sure that the sweet tooth is going to clear my fence line. Not too worried about it, but they are def getting big and heavy. Dry enough for watering the GDP weighs 40+ pounds! Haha. Really curious to see how gnarly the root mass is after harvest.
nicely done ston-loc---do you have drainage holes on the bottom of those 5 gal buckets
Yeah, drilled about ten 7/8" holes at the bottom sides. You can see em in the pic. Figured why spend $10 a pot in the garden section when I can spend $3 and drill my own drain holes.
i mean on the underside of the bucket---i did see the ones on the bottom side and that was why i asked---cause i would worry about total drainage after watering with out them on the underside---but that's just me---looks like you have a great grip on things---congrats
I didn't do any on the very bottom, but the 2.5 gal garden buckets I had previous to transplanting to these only had side ones so I didn't think it would be an issue. Bottom of the side holes is literally at the bottom of the inside of the bucket. Doesn't seem to be an issue. Maybe after this grow just drill a couple just because, for extra drainage...
:yay: looks like ya going to have a Bumper Crop my man...Great job on your first..if ya like more traffic to your Grow thread best to placea link in your signater so every time you post we have a link...Im more apt to click in a signature link then serf the boards..Ive seen a fewof your posts..just tryN help my friend..take care and be safe

orangesunshine...I do the same holes in bucket as this member does but mine are as close to the bottom as I can.. even if only half hole when the holes on bottom and the bucket on ground... drainage cant get out anyway...just my thaughts
Thanks 4U! Your outdoor updates have been huge inspiration! Good idea on the sig too. Seen others have it on theirs, just never thought to do it on mine. Not sure why not, haha. Notices some black dots under the Lemons leaves today. No damage on them, and they wiped right off. But keeping a close eye. Have read you guys say those could be egg sacks of buggers.
Really noticing a sweet smell from the Lemon OG already. The OG kush smells like dog crap. Literally. No clue on that one. Just feeding and watching for now.
So I said screw it, and cut a few of the early buds off the GDP. Trics were all cloudy, about 20% amber on the ones i cut. Some of the ones I left are browning and at about 40% amber with new growth from reveg coming out of them. The main reason I left them be. There's also a ton of nice popcorn buds loading the staulk, but I left them be too. More or less, I took about a third of the early flower buds off. Pretty stoked cause the new growth kicked to flower just last week. Then the "real" harvest will be coming. Also the new growth has been growing like crazy, so cutting these few off didn't stunt it at all. :ccc:

very nice far you takeing that one you have @40% amber? going for some serious couch lock:stoned:

take care and be safe

hey 4u, that's kind of what I was asking in the harvest and cure thread I started. Not really sure of the 2 big ones at 40% because they have a bunch of new growth from them with lots of bud sites, so I'm not chopping those til new growth harvest. Now that it's been about a week from cutting those few buds off and the plants new growth is still thriving, I think I'm going to cut all the popcorn buds that are still about 20%+. It already looks goofy, but once I take those it's going to look crazy! Haha.
I like to take the top half first and let the lower half go longer allowing the light to hit the lower stuff...congrats on the Harvest

Looking good Ston, very good. Looks like you got some nice early bud there, enjoy enjoy enjoy.
Great looking plants.

The drain holes you have are perfect. No need for any directly in the bottom. They are low enough that you shouldn't get any standing water, also, those plants are plenty big to suck up excess water if it happens.
REAAAAALLLLYYY getting excited! :fly:
Some new pics.
In order
1) OG Kush
2) close up OG Kush
3) Sweet Tooth, that is now taller than me
4) GDP
5) close up of GDP's early buds on the lower half
6) GDP's new growth top half
7) Lemon OG
8) close up Lemon OG








Really happy! The pic of the few early buds I chopped are dried and brown bagged. Just put them in a jar. Weighed em first and its about 1/2 and O. Going to chop all the popcorn buds off after work tomorrow. All the pain in the arse this plant has thrown my way on my first grow, and I finally get to reap some benefits of some early green. Now can't wait for the real harvest of all 4 girls. My yard smells fabulous by the way. Just waiting for a neighbor to say something. I'm mmj legal, do my worst worry is getting jacked. I think it'll all be fine. Green mojo all :)
Do you have drainage holes are perfect. No direct need in the bottom. They are low enough, you should not get any water at the same time, many of these plants absorb the large excess of water, if it occurs.

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