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I got 96 grams of really nice kief using dry ice and still have tupperware containers of it laying around...never did anything after making it...I'm not right in the head folks...
I have one of those long, brass mouth piece and bowl from the 70's. little ball size of BB of bud for a screen, load up keif. Nice bedtime puff. Plus you can pretend your a big time opium den owner. And you think your head isnt right?,aps,155&sr=8-4Bubba
I use this stuff up to mid buds. Works great for PM and Buggos
The peony cages are working really well keeping The Chimera 3 growth at bay. I will be using these cages on occasion in the future. They are easy to pin down in a circle flattening everything out nice. I think I’m gonna sKip the net on this tent and try to manage it with these cages and @pute s yo-yos
these are The Chimera 3 plants

and a picture of the whole tent. Just transplanted the others today
Outside plants just look weird. For now it looks like I’m gonna have some nice kief this year with these outside plants If I don’t end up losing them to budrot at the end. I did remove a couple of bud sites that looked to be starting to try to rot but not brown, just too thick with vegetation. We got high winds yesterday so I was out in it tying everything up as they are getting heavy. I know this was caused from going from inside to outside. Next year I’m starting everything outside in hopes for a better harvest.

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