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Mar 4, 2006
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Alright after reading up a bit and finally coming to the conclusion to grow my own, due to the fact that i'm getting tired of buying as well as "connections" not coming through or for the simple fact that around here, it's pretty much dry..i've started with a 4 foot work shop light, burning two 48" fluoros (3400 lumens) in a 4' wide, 2' deep and 8 feet tall closet. Sprouted some bagseed, one came thru..i got excited and i only got one growing so far..put her in a tuppeware container thing with some miracle gro soil..don't know the specs on girlfriend bought it last that meant i didn't have to spend money on soil..the whole fluoro set up ran me about 40 bucks tops..(might get more fluoro's..that's if these damn seeds will ever sprout) sprang out last saturday..and today is's about 3" tall, about 3 inches away from the fluoro. been watering it everytime i feel that the soil is dry..or getting there at least..just kinda take it in the bathroom and run my hand under the faucet and sprinkle water on it until it looks pretty far no problems..probably go back to Wally World this weekend and get another work shop light fixture..boosting the lumen to 6400..hopefully by then, i'll have more seedlings to put into the closet..i'll try to post pics, but my girlfriend broke my digi when we went to the beach last year..maybe some picture phone pics perhaps? in the meantime heres a pic of lead singer Chris Martin from the Coldplay show we saw last year..and my dog Zoe to tide you over..



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