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    sativa & indica

    Why would he be banned???:stoned:
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    Whats wrong?

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    Found a SEED!!!!

    It's a seed, plant that thing!!!:icon_smile:
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    Merry Xmas Extended Family

    Hope everyone has a bud filled day! :48:
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    question ?Just One!

    I get the colored fuzzy sticks and cut then in 3 pcs. wrap around the stalk loosely and never wonder again..:D
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    Thanks Rose it will be a couple more weeks yet. Ozzy, Thank you too! Just what I needed..
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    I know, that's why I ask here! I have used Ozzy's recipe for vegging and it's the s-it! Thought I might get by with asking for a recipe instead of lookin it up.:hubba: Rose when the time comes for me making some oil I would like to pick your brain if you got the friend has MS and we...
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    I have some Critical Sensi Star plants that are on day 35. :woohoo: They are in super soil, 5 gal. smart pots, question is I would like to feed them one more time with a really good flower type tea. :hubba: I know there is die hard organic folks here that has some killer recipes, let...
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    Lets see your pets

    Had to wait for his true side too come out.. Here's my boy Clyde David PURE EVIL :evil: :evil: But he's mine.
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    Are you on Santas Naughty or Nice list?

    It depends on who ya' ask!! lol :hubba: :evil:
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    Organic Teas

    It's a little of this and some of that, some more of some other stuff, then different stuff.... all mixed together put in a bucket with water and an air stone bubble a couple days and presto Organic Tea!!! Look up Ozzy's tea recipe and go with that, it's what I use and well the results are...
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    pots question

    For what it's worth... I start in solo cups, then to 1/2 gal. bag, then into a 5 gal. smart pot ... just my .02
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    Sometimes my English ain't to good either!! :48:
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    Hangover from smoking?

    Woke up a couple times felt like I hade most definitely smoked tooo much.. just fired another one up, feeling went away.. never too too much:hubba:
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    Happy Veterans Day!

    1/9 Calvary Ft. Hood TX. long ago though..