Bin Laden

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ray jay

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Jan 12, 2009
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Looks like he's seen his last days. Its been a good day.:holysheep:
Pff. Yay...? The president is speaking right now, obviously its more complicated than what it seems. A historic day, but you have to remember that the war initially was based/started on him. Now that he is dead...we should really start packing our bags up. Really...
May your 72 virgins be ugly and hairy and the climate eternally hot!
OSAMA BIN LADEN IS DEAD! CNBC confirms they have the deceased body of the al-quieda leader!
It's a fake!! TMZ has confirmed Osama is to house set for Linsey while she does her 120 days
ozzydiodude said:
It's a fake!! TMZ has confirmed Osama is to house set for Linsey while she does her 120 days

lol.....where's pee wee herman when you need him!
His time is up and gone! Watch your back people! The threat lvl will go up!
Sounds fishy to me, i think they killed Osama years ago, tossed him in a freezer for safekeeping then pulled him out when Obama needed some positive press, or they just knew where he was the entire time, and he finally outlived his usefulness so they decided to call his number, and give the world a nice little show, so Obama can get those back pats
smokingjoe said:
May your 42 virgins be ugly and hairy and the climate eternally hot!

Sounds like just another day 'round his parts....:eek:
:stuff-1125699181_i_ :postpicsworthless:

show me the body!!!
:confused:Nice way to celibrate the Day they told the world Hitler was dead:confused2:
Just released video output.gif
Maybe this fool bin laden has now discovered (in the afterlife) that worshiping a peadophile has been all for nada...No 42 virgins, no rivers of milk & honey, just shovelling hot rocks for the man downstairs....And no herb anywhere...
fine, I will be the one to say it.....nothing will change. Terrorists will still hate America. Radical Islam will still exist. Idiots will still blow up themselves along with innocent women and children thinking they are serving God's will and will have 72 virgins in the afterlife. I will still have to have a 60 year old fat woman run her hands over my privates before I can get on a plane. Gas will still be $4-$5 a gallon depending on where you live. America will still give billions of dollars every year in order to prop up completely corrupt governments in order to keep gas below $6 a gallon. The truth is, tomorrow there will be another Osama Bin Laden. What we Americans completely fail to realize is that the war on terror was won two day after 9/11. It was won the day the stock market re-opened and we proved that nothing would change our way of life. We failed in our ability to realize that. We need to regain our ability to laugh at others' feeble attempts to take our freedom and regain our ability to say "screw you" and continue on living in a better world that radical Islamic terrorists could ever create.

:eek: it was a look a like he works on the cornor shop at my bit i hate the **** he alwas got sandels on an his feet reek iv phoned the cops meny times and told them of his wher abouts and each time the cops say they gona put me in cell for raciale abuse hes 5 mins away from my gaff:holysheep:
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