Finally transplanted spring plants


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Nov 4, 2021
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Virginia Beach
So I finally did the transplant of the spring/summer indoor/outdoor plants. I decided to go with 2 gallon cloth pots in hopes they will last in there till last transplant in the grow tent for flower or in the yard for first outdoor grow. Boy they didn’t love the sunny day like I thought they would. Ended up getting them an emergency drink and pulling them in the shade until I had hair inside place under the light cleaned up. I’m sure the transplant and the exposure to the real sun was a bit much for them. I’ll have to bring them out in the shade a few days to start getting them use to the outdoors sunshine. Anyway it’s all done and they are back inside where they were loving it before I tortured them today a bit. just waiting for one more plant to perk up a bit more.
also pictured my ”big” baby Josie gifted from my new west coast friend.