Freaking out Smoking?

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May 11, 2005
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One of my friends just started smoking. She says that she freaks out when she smokes.... My buddy told me that she said she couldn't breathe and started to hyperventillate. She starts freaking out and says stuff repeadtely over. She says she wants to go home and stuff. It happened to her again when she smoked the next week. She said that she starts laughing really hard and shes fine then a little while later she starts wiggin out. Does anyone know what the matter is? Is this common? Or is it because she just started smoking?
dude several of my friends have started to freak out, only one has wanted to go home though. I'd say its normal for beginning users. for example the 2nd time my friend smoked she started to freak out because she thought she was flying. about the hyperventilating and breathin problems, No idea man. your friend could have like bronchitus or something that need checking, but other than that I woundnt worry about it too much, try putting on some music.

or maybe she just can bare the smoke, i know people that get sick and pass out and stuff when they smoke a joint, i've seen it with my own eyes, in the middle of Antwerp, this guy was smokin' from my spliff, i gave him a blow which lastest ubntill he couldn't take no more, he blowed out smoke for half a minute :D and then he passed out, twice :?

Nah, I've never seen anyone freak out. On weed atleast, shrooms on the other hand. Uh nevermind.

About not being able to breath she might have some Asthma thing. My throat gets tight sometimes when I smoke a ciggerette, I have asthma.

Perhaps she had some inner prolems or she was nervous about the effects and became a hypocondract
marijuana enhacnes everything, so if your friend is at all likely to get upset normally, then theyre more prone to doing it when they get high. Its probably nothing to worry about though, theyll get used to it.
your friend need not to smoke ,,,its that simple ....rastafari
fuc man sometimes u just have a bad hight, my friend started shaking and passed out on her bed. we just but her in a kinda warm bath and she was fine. the hyperventilating was probably just cuz she was mad trippen out
Unregistered said:
your friend need not to smoke ,,,its that simple ....rastafari

I agree with the unregistered here. sometimes people dont take to it very well.
haha i had a friend keep telling me that he needed to go to the hospital because he couldnt see, it was just funny because we were all ripped and my friend is a small kid, but he was fine just some people trip out. and plus we smoked an ounce that night for wrestlemania xx so i dont blame the small guy
There was this one chick and she told us that whenever she got high she felt like she was rising in the air and she'd say "hold me down oh my god hold me down" whenever she smoked.
At first we humored her--someone would put their hands on her shoulders to "hold her down" but after awhile we just stopped inviting her to get high with us
Damn guru, I thought sure you was gonna' say you had to lie on her to keep her from floating away.
I was gonna ask you if you were useing helium in your "blowup" friend..;) :p :p
I sometimes get a bit paranoid. Does that count?? It doesnt really happen to me that much, its only really happened to me twice. It's shit though cos I couldnt do anything, I couldnt enjoy myself, relax and my mind was constantly racing. I got over it though.
Paranoia is a common side effect of pot, esp w/c. sativa.
It used to bother me. I'd be high and go someplace and it was like "I'm so baked and everyone who looks at me can tell!"
Then 1 day I said to myself So ******* what? Unless you're driving there's no law against being high on pot. So now I just enjoy the high.
Yeah I got really paranoid at one point once, and I have never got like that since. It was because we smoked in a dodgey area where we were always on the edge. Nowadays it doesnt really bother me at all.
My girlfriend freaked out once before we met. Her boyfriend at the time gave her same bad shit, laced with PCP or some shit (he didn't tell her ). She was blind deaf and paralysed for 6 hours, then spent another 2 hours throwing up. Her ******* boyfriend thought it was funny and left her there to fend for herself. It took 3 years to get her to try it she won't stop:D
Unregistered said:
Ever think maybe she's allergic to pot?
No. She has not had a problem since then. She was told after the fact. They thought it was funny.
I freaked out once on a Jay laced with PCP-
ahh the memories, priceless
It sounds like she had a panic attack, feeling that you can't breathe and are about to die from lack of air are common panic attack symptoms.
one kid i know was freaking out one of his first times caus he though his legs were trying to fly away from his body. hes fine now though shell probly get used to it if she keeps smoking. if she doesn't, then thats the end of that then

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